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Virusdie founded in 2012 to provide easiest and powerful automatic website security tools for webmasters. Now Virusdie partners with website owners, IT-giants, hosts, agencies, technology platforms and enterprise distributors to provide website security solutions to over 1.25 million sites globally.

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Kill the website malware epidemic in web.


  • Clean 1 — 2,5 million websites from malware in a year.
  • Strongly mitigate the growth of the number of new infected websites in a Web (down to 100 thousand websites annually).
  • Protect about 20 million vulnerable sites in WEB.
  • Decrease the number of malicious websites in a web down to 1 in 10K.
  • Decrease the number of vulnerable websites in a web down from 11% to 1%.

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Virusdie CEO, Co-founder
Elijah Malyshev
Co-founder, CEO
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Virusdie CFO, Co-founder
Sergey Akulov
Co-founder, CFO
Virusdie, Co-founder
Sergey Rogov