Our story

Virusdie founded in 2012 to provide easiest and powerful automatic website security tools for webmasters. It was restructured to Virusdie LLC in 2014 to become globally. Now Virusdie partners with website owners, IT-giants, hosts, agencies, technology platforms and enterprise distributors to provide website security solutions to over 1.25 million sites globally.

Virusdie timeline

Key people behind Virusdie

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How Virusdie began

In 2011 Elijah Malyshev (M.Sc., now Virusdie's CEO, formerly CEO & Co-founder of EETC JSC) and his Dustyscreen Research web-development team were focused on only one web-server's and website's security problem. That time many websites on differnet CMS and separate hosts have begun to be infected every day. It was the global wave of website infections. Each day the number of infected and compromised websites has been increasing. The team set out to answer the basic question: “How webmasters could cleanup their websites fast and very accurately? How they could protect their websites easily?”.

Then the team developed and launched Virusdie project in February 2012. That was a 1-page web-service which helped webmasters scan and cleanup their websites from web-malware automatically. It was based on sync-file technology and used unique anti-malware database and software that allowed detect and remove web-malware from website's files very accurately.

2014 — 2015

In 2014, Elijah and his other team worked on Big Data processing for the state institutions in Russia. There he met Sergey Akulov, now Virusdie’s CFO. Elijah and Sergey decided that the Virusdie project should be global. So, Virusdie was restructured in Virusdie LLC.

In Spring 2015 the all brand new Virusdie was launched in Runet. Now it was a set of built-in powerful and easy tools for webmaster: Website Antivirus with automatic and very accurate website cleanup, one-click Website Firewall, Built-in file manager, built-in file editor with malicious code highlighting and Blacklist monitoring.

In next months Virusdie starts provide website security and web-server security solutions to over 1 million sites in Runet. That time Virusdie already was a number of services and solution: SaaS, Virusdie.Server (for Hosters) and Virusdie.Bot (External site check API service) and it was time to become globally. So, Virusdie.com free beta was launched September 2015.


The leading registrar and runet hosting provider REG.COM launched automatic website malware removal service based on Virusdie.Server for its shared-hosting customers. The all-brand new Virusdie.com released in June 2016 and now provide automatic website security solutions globally. The leading runet server control panel provider ISPsystem launched Virusdie module for ISPmanager server constrol panel.


An API for automatic file cleanup was released for partners in March 2017. New products: Kit for shared hosting providers and shareware Virusdie module for ISPmanager were released in Spring 2017. Virusdie became an official blacklisted websites data provider for Google VirusTotal project in June 2017.

Virusdie.Server software for automatic malware detection and accurate file cleanup was integrated into Imunify360 comprehensive software by CloudLinux. Imunify360 is a top notch product for Linux Web Servers complete security.

An Expert Cyber Security Center for Emergency response on threats and consumer security issues was launched for the US market. Complete site security plans with expert website cleanup and hack repair guarantee stood available for Virusdie customers. The new Expert Security Center allows Virusdie's large partners (hosting providers, software vendors and managed service providers) provide complete site cleanup guarantee for their end consumers also.

2018 —

January 20, The leading eastern european hoster and domain registrar REG.COM starts providing the Expert Worry-Free Website Security Service for it's customers based on Virusdie security experts center.