Kit for Software Vendors and Service Providers

Join the world standard of industry leaders — upsell automatic website malware removal and vulnerability fix in your offering. Earn more, take website security issues burden off your tech support shoulders and keep your customer loyalty at the same time.

Virusdie.Server with no cleanup and File cleanup API together

Get all the opportunities that Virusdie Website Antivirus gives you right on your tail. With that complex solution you will can take website malware removal and cleanup burden off your shoulders as best you can and upsell your offering to your Customers using Virusdie features as managed service. Virusdie Kit for Developers contains stand-alone solution Virusdie.Server in a nocleanup mode and File Cleanup API perfectly combined with each other. It lets you provide automatic and accurate web-malware removal: Find and remove trojans, shells, redirects, spambots etc. in PHP, JS, HTML, IMAGES and system files on servers and websites. Just integrate the solution into your Comprehensive Software or Service. Start to earn more with Virusdie.

Possible architecture to use Virusdie Kit for Developers

For simple scaling of services on your tail, for convenience, for easy and quick integration, you could generate and manager endpoint license keys yourselves automatically using Virusdie.Server License Key Gateway.

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Expert Cyber Security Response Center. Complete site cleanup guarantee.

Virusdie Cyber security experts and cyber security operation center

Our security experts allows us provide guaranteed complete website cleanup for our end Consumers depending on the plan. If your are a Hosting Provider, Comprehensive software vendor or a Managed Service Providers — you may use this source to provide complete website cleanup guarantee to your end Customers and earn on it. If there's ever an issue our auto removal tools can't fix, we will repair it manually. With no additional fees. When incurable malware is detected and a cleanup request has been initiated by your customer or by you, our security experts will start the remediation process within 24 hours. Even if malware is not detected by automatic tools you may initiate a cleanup request whenever you want if you see your website is compromised. We recommend you use it with Virusdie.Server software both. We need FTP access, SSH access to your consumer's server to provide expert complete security.

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We working with hosting providers, registrars, web development agencies and other companies to bring security benefits of Virusdie to all of their customers. We have control panel plugins and an API that makes the integration easy. To become a partner, just send us a request at

The Virusdie partner program is only for businesses that offer some sort of domain or website services to their customers (such as hosting companies or web development agencies). If you are looking to use Virusdie for your own website, please sign up using sidebar right or click "Log In" on top.

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