External Site Scan API

Provide external site scan for malware and blacklists to your customers. Based on per request pricing it's easy and affordable.

Virusdie external site scan api

By external site scan API you can check websites for malware, suspicions and blacklist quickly with no web-server access. Crawler scans HTML pages and JS files, detects suspicious scenarios, fishing, redirects for mobile devices, users and search engine referrers.

To get license key, possible plans and ways of collaboration send us a request at partners@virusdie.com.

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Alexander Gornyi Mail.Ru Group
Alexander Gornyi
Strategy and Analysis Director Mail.Ru Group

Mail.Ru Group has All-in-One website statistics service for webmasters with more than 1 million connected websites, called top.mail.ru. We use Virusdie's External Site Check API to check our top.mail.ru customer's websites for malware automatically.

Virusdie's External Site Check API has enough performance for our project. It lets us provide a built-in website security to our customers daily and inform them about any malware or suspicious activity detected on their websites.

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