Embed automatic website cleanup into your Comprehensive Software. Start to provide automatic website malware removal and vulnerability fix to your Comprehensive Software Customers and earn more.

Virusdie.Server - a stand-alone antivirus for servers

Virusdie.Server is the same in terms of capabilities to Virusdie Website Antivirus but stand-alone GUI-less web-antivirus software built specifically for Software Developer Companies. Virusdie.Server deploys on end-servers. It lets you find and remove automatically and with high accuracy web-malware and suspicions (trojans, shells, redirects, spambots etc.) in PHP, JS, HTML, IMAGES and system files on servers. Just build it in your comprehensive software or into your environment easily to provide automatic website scanning and cleanup to your customers.

Virusdie.Server is compatible with:
CentOS (v.6. and higher), Debian (v.7. and higher), Ubuntu (v.14. and higher).

For simple scaling of services on your tail, for convenience, for easy and quick integration, you could generate and manager endpoint license keys yourselves automatically using Virusdie.Server License Key Gateway.

To get license key, possible plans and ways of collaboration send us a request at

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We recommend: Upsell automatic site cleanup in your offering and earn more. Use Virusdie.Server in a no cleanup mode with File Cleanup API together as a Kit.

Virusdie.Server with no cleanup and File cleanup API together

Integrate that complex solition into your billing system and your hosting panel to provide automatic malware removal for your Customers on your Shared hosting. Start to earn more with Virusdie Kit. Learn more about Kit for Hosting Providers.


Want to become a partner?

We working with hosting providers, registrars, web development agencies and other companies to bring security benefits of Virusdie to all of their customers. We have control panel plugins and an API that makes the integration easy. To become a partner, just send us a request at

The Virusdie partner program is only for businesses that offer some sort of domain or website services to their customers (such as hosting companies or web development agencies). If you are looking to use Virusdie for your own website, please sign up using sidebar right or click "Sign Up or Sign In" on top.