With our products we build the environment for people who want get best website security as well as for experts, software vendors and service providers who want to earn on it.
Virusdie SaaS Website Security Platform
— SaaS Automatic Website Security Tools is a complete all-in-one website security platform built for everyone. It doesn't matter if you're an agency, a security expert, a developer, a webmaster or a website owner, anyone can use Virusdie to clean and protect websites from malware and threats. It helps webmasters and untrained customers clean their websites from malware automatically, protect their websites from online threats and XSS/SQL injections. Mitigate attacks and suspicious activities websites.

The service designed as a SaaS (Software as a service) and provides a number of website security tools built-in one web-interface (e.g., website antivirus, website firewall, built-in file manager and the file editor, malicious code highlighting etc.) as well as full service depending on the plan. No installation required. Just put a sync file in your website root.

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Complete website security,
service and benefits for multiple websites

Get worry-free complete website cleanup and protection with guarantee if you have no enough skills or a time to use automatic website security tools. If there's ever an issue our auto removal tools can't fix, we will repair it manually. With no additional fees. When incurable malware is detected and a cleanup request has been initiated by you, our security experts will start the remediation process within 24 hours — depending on the plan. We keep you informed of progress so you'll know when your site is clean.

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Virusdie solutions and products for enterprise

Virusdie.Server. The Web-Server
Antivirus for Shared Hosting Providers

Virusdie.Server is a stand-alone GUI-less web-antivirus software built specifically for Shared Hosting Providers. Virusdie.Server deploys on end-servers on your closed infrastructure completely. It lets you find and remove automatically and with high accuracy web-malware and suspicions (trojans, shells, redirects, spambots etc.) in PHP, JS, HTML, IMAGES and system files on servers. Build it into your environment easily to provide automatic website scanning and cleanup to your customers and earn more.

Virusdie.Server is compatible with CentOS (v.6. and higher), Debian (v.7. and higher), Ubuntu (v.14. and higher).

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File Cleanup API

Using File Cleanup API you can scan files for malware and suspicions by a request with an uploaded file. It may clean files from redirects, trojans, shell scripts, backdoors and malicious code very accurately the same way as Virusdie Antivirus. Embed automatic complete file scan and cleanup into your CMS or a Project.

Start to provide automatic file cleanup to your customers using Virusdie side as a core. Send a file and get cleaned file sample (if automatic cleanup is possible) with complete description in a second.

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Virusdie File cleanup API for service and software vendors
Virusdie external site scan API for software vendors and managed service providers

External Site Scan API

Provide external site scan for malware and blacklists to your customers. Based on per request pricing it's easy and affordable. By external site scan API you can check websites for malware, suspicions and blacklist quickly with no web-server access. Crawler scans HTML pages and JS files, detects suspicious scenarios, fishing, redirects for mobile devices, users and search engine referrers.

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Comprehensive Software and
Service Vendors Developers Kit API

With Kit for Developers you may Embed automatic website cleanup into your Comprehensive Software or a Service without worry of stealing Virusdie.Server licenses.

This Kit contains stand-alone solution Virusdie.Server in a Nocleanup mode, File Cleanup API and License Gateway perfectly combined with each other. It lets you provide automatic and accurate web-malware removal: Find and remove trojans, shells, redirects, spambots etc. in PHP, JS, HTML, IMAGES and system files on servers and websites. Just integrate the solution into your software or a service.

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Kit for software and service vendors

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