Our story

We imagine the future where professional tools stood gorgeous and easy.

Today professionals have to use an ugly software, 'cos developers think that professionals are cold fish and not able to feel value in quality, convenience and beauty of software. We can not put up with this and believe that they deserves the most convenient and beautiful software. Therefore, we decided to change everything in B2B software for site and server security and make professional software that is convenient and pleasant to use.

Who we are

We are the crew of furious pirates in technical fields of science and product design. We believe that website and server security will be mostly automatic in the future, which means simple, convenient and affordable.

What we do

Digital agencies, security experts, managed services and hosters need a way to take site security issues burden off their shoulders or to upscale their offering with website security services. So, they need a tool for that.

How we do it

We create beautiful automatic All-in-one tool pack for site and server malware removal and site protection, for the cases when you work witn many sites distributed on many VPS or Shared hosting accounts.

How Virusdie began
In 2011 Elijah Malyshev (M.Sc., now Virusdie's CEO, formerly CEO & Co-founder of EETC JSC) and his Dustyscreen Research web-development team were focused on only one web-server's and website's security problem. That time many websites on differnet CMS and separate hosts have begun to be infected every day. It was the global wave of website infections. Each day the number of infected and compromised websites has been increasing. The team set out to answer the basic question: “How webmasters could cleanup their websites fast and very accurately? How they could protect their websites easily?”.
Then the team developed and launched Virusdie project in February 2012. That was a 1-page web-service which helped webmasters scan and cleanup their websites from web-malware automatically. It was based on sync-file technology and used unique anti-malware database and software that allowed detect and remove web-malware from website's files very accurately.

Short Story

1st generaton

1-page free online service to scan and cleanup sites from malware automatically.

2nd generation

Paid site cleanup service with customer registration is online on russian-speaking market.

3rd generation

All-in-One SaaS tools for automatic site cleanup and issues investigation available on russian market.


REG.COM and other larger hosting providers start using stand-alone Virusdie.Server on Shared.


Virusdie starts providing blacklist data to VirusTotal project.


The new generation of Virusdie SaaS focused on professonals with many sites available on Global.

Only Pirates defeat pirates!

We are good guys, but pirates and rebels by our spirit and we are in love with sport, friendship, technology and beauty. Our crew and community of friends and partners are the same as well. It is not a place for nerds.
team member
CEO & Co-founder
Elijah Malyshev

M.Sc. in physics. Loves kickboxing and gym, snowboarding and play piano. Product design and UX engineering are his passions.

team member
Frontend teamlead
Georgiy Lukin

Awesome skills to make complex GUI scenarious simple and fast for customers. He collects weapons!

team member
CFO & Co-founder
Sergey Akulov

Be always up to day with finance and prepare it for placing at the right time is his talent. Loves professional running.

team member
Alexander Bibanin

Incredible software architect and engineer. Always finds an elegant solution to complex tech issues. Loves airsoft and exotic liquors.

team member
Lead web-technologist
Dmitry Sazonov

If the task is to create something unusual and complicated in GUI, Dmitry's team deal with this.

team member
Sergey Rogov

When you need good advice in management this man helps. Just yesterday he managed IT in russian space agency! Today he is with us!

and others pirates.

We are Hiring

If you feel that you want to work with our pirate crew on any position, just send us your resume and we'll consider it. Even if there is no any free position at the moment we'll keep your contact to connect with you when such vacancy will be available.

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