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We believe that outstanding professionals deserve only the best. And we focus all our passion on making outstanding software for those outstanding people. Simple design and elegant details meet high performance: this is what sets Virusdie apart from the boring, ugly utility software for professionals that everyone is used to. For some reason, it’s even considered acceptable.

The focus - a sense of control over the situation

A security solution should do more than just protect you; it should also give you a sense of calm. A sense of control over the situation.

In the United States, there are more than 14 million small- and medium-sized businesses whose advertising, communication with customers, sales —the very life of these companies — all depend entirely on the operation of their websites. These are stores, agencies, and all the other companies whose main channel of communication with their customers is the web. If something happens to one of these companies’ sites, business grinds to a halt. It takes the life right out of that company. One of the main reasons a company's website might stop working is a successful attack that damaged the website, infected the site with a virus, or introduced something into the site's code so that it distributes viruses or facilitates fraud. These sites lose their functionality or are blocked, so users can't access them. Every day, an astounding number of attacks are attempted against millions of sites belonging to small- and medium-sized businesses, in an attempt to find a weak spot. Often, these attacks succeed. For the company that owns the site, nothing could be worse.

Web antivirus solutions exist to protect these sites, thus also protecting the companies that own them from interruptions to their business.

What is the most important, most basic thing that any kind of protective equipment should do? Why do we really need it? It gives us a sense of control. We are aware that we are in control of the situation. That means that a security solution should do more than just protect you; it should also give you a sense of calm. Asense of control over the situation.

Let's take a look at the web security market today. There are services that let you transfer your site to other people, so that they can monitor its safety. Or, you can use automatic protection programs that are also available on the market. What's wrong with those? What's the problem? There are two problems, and both of them are fundamental.

The thing is, when you transfer your site to other people to manage it, you lose your sense of control! This causes fear. There's no two ways about it. This is the nature of man. This is an innate feature of living things that has helped and continues to help us survive. Similarly, most people are instinctively afraid of flying on airplanes, as they lose control of the situation and depend on another person. But these same people drive their cars quite calmly and do not feel fear: they have a sense of control overthe situation. They can manage everything. In short, transferring your site to other people does not give you a sense of control. It does not make you feel calm.

So, what's wrong with automatic protection programs today? It's simple: they are too complicated to master and operate, even for web professionals. These tools cause confusion at first sight. This is about the same as putting a person in an F-22 Raptor without years of training. On the one hand, you kind of can protect yourself with these tools. On the other, you don't fully understand how to use them, how everything works, what's going on. You can't be sure that you are doing everything right, or doing enough to not break something. And all this, similarly, does not give you a sense of control over the situation.

What's the solution, then? How can we solve the problem with gaining a sense of control? We need to put these tools in people's hands; tools that can be incredibly powerful and effective, yet easy to understand and use. Friendly tools. Ones that you can immediately start working with, rather than wasting your time studying and practicing.

This is where we want to be:

Virusdie placement

And we think we have a solution. Simple design and elegant details meet high performance: this is what sets Virusdie apart from the boring, ugly utility software for professionals that everyone is used to. For some reason, it's even considered acceptable.


One, Two, Three and the Moon!

Stage 1 (Completed)

Find out if it’s possible to create a complex technology to automatically and accurately clean and protect websites while being straightforward and easy to use for both web professionals and small/medium-sized businesses alike.

First-generation SaaS, 2012. One-page web service for automatic scanning and automatic website malware removal.

Second-generation SaaS, 2014. Paid service for automatic scanning and website cleanup, with user registration, launched on the Russian-speaking portion of the internet.

Third-generation SaaS, 2015. All-in-one cloud tools: website antivirus, firewall, file editor with malicious code highlighting, and tools for investigating site security incidents.

Virusdie.Server, 2016. REG.COM and other large hosting providers began using the GUI-less Virusdie.Server software, developed specifically as standalone software, to clean and protect web servers automatically.

Virusdie module for ISPmanager 5, 2016. In partnership with ISPsystem, based on the Virusdie.Server server solution, a module for automatic scanning and site cleanup for the ISPmanager server control panel was developed and launched.

VirusTotal, 2017. Virusdie became an official blacklist data provider for the VirusTotal project.

Fourth-generation SaaS, 2018. The fourth generation of the Virusdie.com service became available to users in the global market, focused on clients of web professionals and web agencies with many sites.

Polyswarm, 2019. Virusdie became an official provider of microservices for URL and file checking for the PolySwarm project.

Stage 2 (Completed)

Creating the world’s friendliest professional-grade antivirus for multiple websites/multiple servers — creating a cloud service with web agencies in mind.

Evolution of Virusdie.com SaaS, 2019. We completely revised the semantic concept of our products and, finally, finally convinced ourselves of who we are. We are friendly pirates! And our customers, too. We realized that we can do what we dreamed of: giving users the most friendly and elegant antivirus in the world for their sites. Now, in all our products you can see a pirate theme :)

Stage 3 (Completed)

Give web agencies and web professionals the simplest, most effective tool for providing comprehensive website security services to their customers while earning some extra cash.

Wihte Label client panels, 2019. Now, Virusdie.com SaaS offers a fully-fledged, long-awaited White Label mode. Client panels are now installed directly on customers' sites.

Stage 4 | In progress

Give small/medium-sized businesses with just one server or one site the chance to experience Virusdie’s friendly website antivirus.

Plesk, 2020. Launch a Virusdie extension for the Plesk panel.

WHMCS, 2020. Virusdie add-on for WHMCS.

WordPress, 2020. Virusdie plugin for WordPress

Improvements, 2020. Improve Virusdie interfaces and technologies in all products for a smoother user experience, greater productivity, and greater convenience.

Stage 5

Giving our customers a greater sense of control and increased peace of mind.

Launch of new add-on services for the entire Virusdie product family, including add-ons from third-party service providers.

How Virusdie began
In 2011, Elijah Malyshev (M.Sc., current CEO of Virusdie, former CEO and co-founder of EETC JSC) and his Dustyscreen Research web development team were focused on just one web server's (and website's) security problems. At that time, many websites on different CMSs and separate hosts began to be infected every day. It was a global epidemic of website infections. Each day, the number of infected and compromised websites increased. The team set out to answer a basic question: “How can webmasters clean their websites quickly and accurately? How can they protect their websites easily?”.
Then, the team developed and launched the Virusdie project in February 2012. It was a one-page web service that helped webmasters scan and clean up malware on their websites automatically. It was based on sync file technology, and it used a unique anti-malware database and software that enabled it to detect and remove malware from website files very accurately.

Only pirates
can defeat pirates!

We're good guys, but pirates and rebels by spirit. We love sports, friendship, technology, and beauty. Our crew and community of friends and partners are the same, too.
team member
CEO & Co-founder
Elijah Malyshev

M.Sc. in Physics. Loves kickboxing, going to the gym, snowboarding, and playing the piano. Product design and UX engineering are his passions.

team member
Frontend teamlead
Georgiy Lukin

Awesome skills in making complex GUI scenarios simple and fast for customers. He collects guns!

team member
CFO & Co-founder
Sergey Akulov

Staying up to date on finances and putting money in the right places at the right times are his talents.

He loves professional running.

team member
Head of SaaS
Helen Yamshikova

Incredible experience in making complicated things simple and elegant. She loves making professional photo and paint-drawing.

team member
Alexander Bibanin

Incredible software architect and engineer. Always finds an elegant solution to complex tech issues. Loves airsoft and exotic liquors.

team member
Lead web-technologist
Dmitry Sazonov

When we need something unusual and complex for our GUI, Dmitry and his team know how to get the job done.

team member
Sergey Rogov

When you need good advice in management, he’s your guy. Just yesterday, he was managing the entire IT infrastructure of the Russian space agency; today, he’s with us!

team member
Head of Anti-malware database
Daria Golikova

When you need keep malware detection and automatic cleanup level high and even higher, Daria and her team know how to get the job done.

and others pirates.

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