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Protect your Customer's projects

We offer significant discounts for multiple websites purchases if your are
a developer, digital, SEO agency, a small or medium-sized hosting provider with more than 5 sites

Provide website security using Virusdie on your behalf. Keep your Customers projects clean from malware and blacklists. Protect your reputation and results of your work. Use branded with your logo and your contacts firewall lock page. Get your own trusted site seal and stay in touch with your Customers. Get the discounted Expert and Worry-Free plans if you manage more than 5 websites with Virusdie.

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Discounted plans for 5+ websites
Use discounted plans if you have more than 5 connected sites, provide website security on your behalf for your own price.

All SaaS security tools are available
Website Antivirus, Website Firewall, File Manager, File Editor,
Search Tool. Automatic notifications and alerting by email.

Continuous Server-Side Scans for Malware and Vulnerabilities
Ongoing 6, 12 or 24 hours automatic website scanning for redirects, trojans, shell scripts, backdoors, malicious and suspicious code.

Ongoing Automatic Website Malware Removal
Clean up your website automatically from detected malware if automatic cleanup is available for the malware.

Unlimited Expert Manual Website Cleanup & Hack Repair
If there's ever an issue our auto removal can't fix or detect, we will repair it manually. Need your cleanup request. No additional fees.

Our Cyber Security Emergency Response Center Experts will connect your site themselves to Virusdie. Will remove malware from your site
if it's already hacked and repair it manually if auto removal can't fix it.

On demand incurable files analysis and cleanup
You may send incurable website files detected with Antivirus to
expert analysis. Such files will be analyzed and cleaned if it needed.

Google Blacklist Monitoring & removal
Checking website for Google Safe Browsing and other blacklists
every 24 Hours. Manual blacklist removal by our experts.

WAF malware prevention & website protection
Web Application Firewall (WAF) provides around-the-clock,
proactive protection from attacks, threats, XSS/SQL injections.

Technical support
24/7 ticket based professional technical support including website connection help to Virusdie service.

Trusted Site Seal
A visual stamp displayed on a website to indicate its security
and trustworthiness.

Co-branded with your logo trusted Site Seal
It brings visitors a greater sense of trust to each your Customer resources as well as to your company as a security provider.

Co-branded with your logo and contacts firewall lock page
The firewall lock page branded with you logo and contacts shows to each locked by WAF request on your Customer websites.

Recommended for already
suspended, infected
or blacklisted sites

SaaS tools 7 day free
trial for each first time
added website

SaaS tools 7 day free
trial for each first time
added website

* 7-day free trial is available only for automatic SaaS security tools for the new first time added websites. On demand incurable files analysis and cleanup, Unlimited Expert Manual Website Cleanup & Hack Repair, Trusted Site Seal, Co-branded with your logo and contacts firewall lock page and Manual blacklist removal are unavailable along Free Trial.

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Start your own website security business
using our website security experts army's power

Sell website security service for your own price to your Customers on your behalf and earn money

Virusdie platform to start website security business
How to maximize your profit

Use automatic tools As Is with discounted Expert plan for Multiple Websites only. Provide a complete website security on your behalf — do all dirty job for your customers yourself: provide tech support, fix website manually when automatic tools can't fix it, provide guarantee with no additional fees. Provide complete security services for the price close or lower than Virusdie's standard worry-free plans to exclude the outflow of your Customers from your Agency to Virusdie SaaS standard plans.

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Request Special Pricing  for 50+ sites

Upsell your offering with solutions for
larger Hosters, Software and Service Vendors

Embed automatic website malware removal and vulnerability fix as managed service into your offering or a comprehensive software. Help your Customers to cleanup and protect their sites and start to earn more with solutions for large enterprise organizations.

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