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Collect all your customers' websites distributed across different Shared, VPS, and Dedicated servers in one place and get started providing comprehensive website security to all your clients under your own brand, at your price. It's a quick and easy way to grow your business.
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Protect your agency reputation with Virusdie
Protect your clients' sites, safeguard your business's reputation, and save money
Virusdie offers you comprehensive security services for multiple sites at a tenth of the average price. We've taken complex, professional-grade site security tools and made them simple, intuitive and automatic. That means you can do it all yourself. It's really fast and easy, which relieves us all of the burdens that made security services so costly before Virusdie.
Earn money by offering website security
Now that multisite security services are 10 times as affordable for you, you can not only save money, but also make money by providing complete website security to your clients under your own brand, at your price! We've got everything you need to get started.
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One dashboard.
All your sites. All your tools.

Built as a cloud service to provide security for multiple websites distributed across different Shared, VPS, and DS.

Collect all your customers' sites in one place, no matter what CMS and hosting services they use. Automatically clean up malware infections and protect sites from online threats, XSS attacks, SQL injections, and suspicious activities. Monitor blacklists and send un-blacklist requests. Use additional built-in tools to investigate security issues if needed. Keep in touch with your clients and provide support independently. Keep them constantly informed about issues with their sites and when they've been fixed.

Virusdie interface
Virusdie antivirus

Remove malware in one click

Scan sites and remove redirects, Trojans, backdoors, shell scripts and other malicious code from PHP, JS, HTML, images, system files, and even binary files. If Virusdie detects incurable malware, you can investigate the issue yourself using our built-in tools or request our help, depending on your plan. If there's even an issue our automatic removal tools can't find, we will investigate the issue manually and make a custom detection/cleanup rule at no additional cost!
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Virusdie firewall

Protect sites from attacks

You can deploy Virusdie Website Firewall (a web application firewall) automatically in less than one second to protect sites from the most common attacks. It guards against hacking, malware, harmful requests and content grabbing, XSS attacks, SQL injections, malicious code uploads, suspicious activities and blacklists. Installation is automatic and takes just a second!
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Virusdie blacklist monitoring
Blacklist monitoring

Check 60+ blacklists

Virusdie helps you see when a website has been blacklisted and helps you un-blacklist sites easily. If one of your sites is blacklisted, access to that site will be restricted by one or more services (e.g., Google), meaning that your customers will lose visitors. We check sites against 60+ blacklists every 10 days automatically, and we'll notify you if any issues are detected. You can also manually check blacklists in a single click and view blacklist details. On top of all that, you can even send un-blacklisting requests to blacklist providers right from Virusdie!
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Virusdie URL scan
URL scan

Scan website pages

In addition to a complete internal antivirus scan, Virusdie scans sites externally, too. The external scanning engine checks HTML pages and connected JS files, as well as analyzing site behavior and checking links for phishing characteristics. All this means that you get more comprehensive malware detection — no server access needed!
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Virusdie file manager
File manager

Navigate files easily

A built-in file manager helps you navigate the structure of your websites. Infected files are marked with red dots in the file manager. It's an awesome way to see a clear "infection map" of any site!
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Virusdie file editor
File editor

Analyze and edit files

A built-in file editor with malicious code highlighting helps you examine malicious and suspicious code in your files. You can easily see malicious code fragments in files and analyze, edit or remove it. You can also restore automatically cleaned files from a backup with a single click, change file permissions and view all file details!
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Virusdie regular expression and text search
Regex-powered search tool

Find code by RegEx or Text

If you're and expert, you can quickly and easily search the contents of your sites' files. Bring up the search tool in a single click when you really need it, and find what you want using regular expressions or a simple text search!
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Comfort matters

You'll feel right at home using our beautiful, responsive and thoughtfully designed interfaces and services. We imagine a future where complex, B2B-oriented, professional tools become gorgeous and easy to use.

10-second start

Every screen of the GUI is clear and intuitive. There's no need to ask for help to get started.

No constant page refreshing

The interface looks like an app and works like an app.

Chat support

Get immediate answers from our expert support team using real-time chat.

Email alerts

Get instant alerts and reports right in your inbox.


Free panels for all your clients with all their sites

Let your clients feel your care using free personal panels. Just fill up your contacts in profile and upload your logo. Now simplified and branded with your logo personal dashboards available to your clients. All reports and WAF lock pages branded with your agency logo too.

How to get started as an agency
Customer's antivirus dashbord to your agency colors
Branded antivirus reports to your customers
Team invites to join Virusdie antivirus
Give your clients access and support
Inviting a client to see their websites in Virusdie and chat with you is easy. Give them simple, personalized dashboards branded with your logo and contact information. Just enter their email addresses and they'll be able to view reports and status messages from their sites. You can chat with your clients and provide L1/L2 support by yourself!
Share branded reports
You can share any report by sending it to any email address. Virusdie also generates monthly summary reports for each site and sends them to your customers automatically. 30-day summaries are always available for your customers from their dashboards, and all reports are branded with your contact information and logo.
Invite your team (Soon)
Just enter an email to invite team members to join your business. Solve your customers' security issues together!
Daily scans
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Savvy freelancers, security experts, agencies, web hosts and service providers clean and protect their clients' websites using Virusdie. Join them!

Add all your websites — don't worry about the price

Whether you want to scale up your offering with new website security services, grow your site security business or just protect your clients' websites to preserve your agency's reputation, Virusdie does it all. Once you pay for the whole panel, you can add up to 1000 sites to your dashboard without any additional fees!

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Get unlimited website scans, blacklist monitoring, email alerts and reports, and personal panels for all your clients — and all your websites — for free.

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