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Automatic website malware removal, vulnerability fix and protection tools

All-in-One easy, powerful and just beautiful site and server security tools built for everyone. It helps you continuously scan and automatically clean your websites from malware and vulnerabilities. Protects your websites from online threats, XSS/SQL injections and content grabbing. Mitigate attacks and suspicious activities on your websites. Get a smart tools that works on you right now. Join Us!

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Virusdie Website Antivirus

Website Antivirus

Clean Up your websites in seconds

Just put a Sync File in your website root. Website Antivirus will automatically clean your websites from redirects, trojans, shell scripts, backdoors and malicious code very accurately.

Website Firewall

Protect your websites from threats

Website Firewall (Web Application Firewall) protects your websites from Hackers, attacks, XSS/SQL injections, malicious code uploads, suspicious activities and Blacklists.

Virusdie Website Firewall
Virusdie Blacklist monitoring tool

Blacklist Monitoring

Know your website restrictions

Automatic and continuous site check for Google Safe Browsing and other blacklists lets you know about sanctions against your website.

File Manager

Files and folders at your fingertips

A built-in File Manager lets you surf all your sites structure through a single web-interface. Infected files and folders are marked by red dots.

Virusdie File Manager tool with infected files and folders markers
Virusdie File Editor with infected code fragments highlighting

File Editor

Work with website files worry-free

Malicious and suspicious code fragments are highlighted, as well as code syntax in a File Editor. This makes your work fast and convenient.

File Content Search

Find file content by your request

A search tool helps your find code in your website files by custom regular expression or a simple text request. You can search on all your sites at once.

Virusdie built-in regular expression and text search tool
Virusdie built for everyone carousel

Built for everyone

Clear, easy to grasp and convenient

It doesn't matter if you're an agency, a security expert, a developer, a webmaster or a website owner, anyone can use Virusdie to clean and protect websites from malware and threats.

For professionals

Automatic tools and API services

Built-in automatic tools for website malware removal, site protection and security analysis helps you solve your website and server security issues fast and easy. Or you may use other products to build your own solutions.

Virusdie for professionals
Virusdie services are not for profi too

For non-professionals

Additional options and tech support

You will never be alone faced with threats even you are not a security expert. If automatic tools are not enough, just ask Incurable file analysis to solve some rare issues when you may need help. Or ask technical support to help you.

For your enjoyment

Made to be gorgeous and solve problems

We attach a huge role to a speed, convenience and efficiency of service architecture. Beautiful and fluent interface, instant reactions to your actions and automation of many processes are made for your efficiency and comfort.

Virusdie is a service for your website security freedom
Virusdie rocket launch

Be in the club, use the best

All-in-one for those who want to be free

Take website security issues burden off your shoulders the best way you can. Virusdie cleans and protect your websites automatically so you can go back to your own affairs. Join the Club!


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monthly per website

7 days free to each first time added website
The price depends on the number of connected sites

$4.99/mo per site
$3.99/mo per site
$3.49/mo per site
$2.99/mo per site
$2.49/mo per site

Continuous Scans for Malware
Automatic scanning for redirects, trojans, shell scripts, backdoors, malicious and suspicious code every 6, 12 or 24 Hours; Or you can start scan website at any time by a simple button click.

Automatic Website Malware Removal & Clean Up
Clean up your websites automatically and immediately from detected malware in seconds with a high accuracy. Your website continues to run stable after automatic cleanup.

Website firewall
Automatic 24/7 website protection from threats and XSS/SQL injections. DoS attacks and suspicious activities mitigation.

Blacklist monitoring
Checking for Google Safe Browsing and Yandex Safe Browsing blacklists every 24 Hours.

A built-in file manager with infected files and folders red markers
Complete file navigation, edit and removal. Infected files and folders markings by red dots in file manager.

A built-in file editor with syntax highlighting
Modify any files on your websites easily whenever and wherever. Complete file editor with syntax highligting. File permissions modification tool and detailed file info are already built-in.

Malicious and suspicious code highlighting in file editor
Malicious and suspicious code highlighting in the file editor. It helps you to analyze, edit and remove (if necessary) suspicious or infected files antivirus can't clean or remove automatically in some cases.

Regular expressions & Text search
Find any file content on your websites by custom regular expression or a simple text request.

Automatic files backup and restore
You can restore cleaned or deleted files using the switcher (Current file / Backup) in the built-in File editor from malware removal report.

On demand expert incurable file analysis and cleanup
To analyze incurable files just send it in one click to our experts from cleanup report or a file manager; or turn on automatic incurable files analysis in website subscription settings. Each file will be analyzed for $1.00 by our expert team and cleaned if necessary.

Technical support
8X5 ticket based tech support is available (website sync problems only).

Why us? This is simple!

A reason to join Virusdie products is time a money saving

Save your time and money

We have automated and made simple a powerful tools for website security. You no longer need an expenditure on security consultants.

Get ultimate accuracy with Virusdie website antivirus malware removal

Ultimate accuracy

Highly accurate automatic malware search and automatic website malware removal. Website remains stable after automatic cleanup.

Virusdie is handy and easy to use

All-in-one, handy and easy to use

All you need in one place. All sites in a single web-panel. All tools are integrated into each other for best performance and comfortable work.

Virusdie brings service to you when you really need it

Service when you really need it

One-click simple website protection, tech support and additional options helps you solve security issues fast even if you have no enough skills.

Virusdie enough performance

It's enough in most cases

Enough performance and accurate functions. The number of basic built-in functions provides enough security level service for the most cases.

Virusdie provides service to website all over the World

Hundreds of thousand websites

Only effective solutions for website owners and companies. We provide our services to more than 1,5 million websites globally.

Virusdie website antivirus and other automatic tools are available for php-based websites
firewall for websites is compatible with most popular cms

Virusdie CMS and platforms compatible with

Our goal — to provide a tool that makes website security service understandable, convenient for all, enough and affordable for the majority

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