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It takes a pirate to defeat a pirate

We're good guys, but pirates and rebels at heart! We love sports and technology, and we value friendship and beauty. Our community of friends and partners are people who share these values. Our journey began with a one-page website in 2011. Since then, we've become industry leaders. Today, Virusdie is a global project that helps millions of small and medium-sized businesses to keep their websites free of malware with just one click.

12 years

Virusdie 10 years anniversary key people meetup
Olympic Rose Village, Sochi. March 25th, 2021

Our story

From a one-page site to an industry leader

In 2011, Elijah Malyshev (M.Sc., current CEO of Virusdie, former CEO and co-founder of EETC JSC) and his Dustyscreen Research web development team were focused on just one web server's (and website's) security problems. At that time, many websites on different CMSs and separate hosts began to be infected every day. It was a global epidemic of website infections. Each day, the number of infected and compromised websites increased. The team set out to answer a basic question: “How can webmasters clean their websites quickly and accurately? How can they protect their websites easily?”

Then, the team developed and launched the Virusdie project in February 2012. It was a one-page web service that helped webmasters scan and clean up malware on their websites automatically. It was based on sync file technology, and it used a unique antimalware database and software that enabled it to detect and remove malware from website files highly accurately.

And today

Today, Virusdie is a global project that helps millions of small and medium-sized businesses to keep their websites free of malware with just one click.

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Meet our team - key people behind:
CEO & Co-founder
Elijah Malyshev

M.Sc. in Physics. Loves kickboxing, going to the gym, snowboarding, and playing the piano. Product design and UX engineering are his passions.

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Helen Yamshikova

Incredible experience in team management and making complicated things elegant. She loves making professional photo and paint-drawing.

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CFO & Co-founder
Sergey Akulov

Staying up to date on finances and putting money in the right places at the right times are his talents. He loves professional running.

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Head of anti-malware database
Daria Golikova

When you need keep malware detection and automatic cleanup level high and even higher, Daria and her team know how to get the job done.

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Head of investigation
Andrew Kutuzov

Need to investigate extremely complex security issue? Andrew and his team is here to help BASE' crew and Virusdie' clients to cover all new undiscovered cases!

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Head of frontend
Georgiy Lukin

Awesome skills in making complex GUI scenarios simple and fast for customers. He collects guns!

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There are lots of other pirates behind Virusdie, too. Arrr!

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