Create an account

To works with Virusdie you should create your account. Here is the way you can do it.

Create your account on Virusdie

How to create your account.
To create your account on Virusdie just switch right panel on to a Sign Up Mode and type your Email and password.

Then read Virusdie's terms of use and Privacy policy, agree with them by clicking checkbox and click on Sign Up Now button.

Validate your data

If your data is valid we'll send you email to confirm your registration. If not — you'll see an error message. So check your mailbox to confirm your registration.

Some email services may mark your registration confirmation letter from Virusdie as a Spam. If you have not received your registration confirmation letter, please check a SPAM folder on your mailbox.

Click Confirm My Registration

Now you have got your registration confirmation letter. So, just click on Confirm My Registration button to confirm your registrations on Virusdie.

When you click this button your registration process will be finished. You'll automatically redirected to your web-panel on Virusdie.

How to remove your account

How to remove your account.
To remove your account on Virusdie just ask our tech support.