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Security level

What is security level (0 - 5) points, your website may get?

Virusdie security level points on dashboard

What is securty level? Secirity level for each website on your Virusdie dashboard is an indicator that shows you the level of protection of each very website. So you can catch in a blink of an eye if website security is good enough or not. And improve protection in a second with one click.

What each level means? Than more security tools enabled, than more security level points you get for each website. The range of security points is 0 to 5. 0 security points indicates that no any security tool enabled for this very website. And 5 points when all the tools are enabled. So than more security points you get - than more protection your website get.

Virusdie security level points in report and on modal hints

Where you can manage website secuiryt level? You can manage (enable and disable security tools) from many tabs and sections in user interface. Meanwhile, the easiest and simplest way to manage security level for each website by a modal window (just click on link "Turn on more security features" or by each tool icon below that block on your dashboard). Also, you can manage security level from any websiute audit report with the same section - security level.

Also, you can manage security by enablind/disabling tools on Settings section for each website or from each tool' tab for relevand website on your dashboard, separately.

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