Synchronization problems

We recommend you check the settings on your servers. It helps Virusdie provides service correctly. Incorrect settings may leads to failures.

PHP directives misconfiguration

1. PHP directives misconfiguration.
Check PHP providing and php-directives configuration on your server. Make sure your server is enabled for PHP 5.2 and higher.

Make sure that the user on whose behalf running PHP has write permissions to the root directory (root folder) of your website. If PHP works on your server as an Apache - it works on behalf of the same user as Apache. If PHP is running in the mode of CGI, it is most likely not the case.

Incorrectly configured redirects

2. Incorrect redirects and TCP ports restrictions.
You should be able to coonect by 7000 TCP port.

Check redirects in .htaccess file. Make sure that there is no any redirects (force redirect) to other pages (URLs) when accessing to a Sync File. For example, if .htaccess RewriteEngine on is configured you should check the terms of referrals. Thus, for example, should not be to create the conditions in which is not possible to access to a Sync File (for example, there is only access to the file index.html / index.php root directory of the website can be opened when the sync problem).

Sync File direct link access

3. Sync File direct link access.
Make sure the Sync File is available for a direct link on your website. If the file is available you will see a successful connection message. If the file is not available - you will not see a response. It means that a Sync File is not uploaded to the website's root folder, or the website itself is not available (any host problem). In this case, you should contact the technical support of your host.

Sync File direct link access

4. Not enough space on your server.
Check whether there is enough free space on your server. To use virusdie you should have 10 megabytes of free space on your server as a minimum.

Sync File direct link access

5. Configure your request filtering tools correctly.
Check your server's or website's firewall access permissions. Your server (resource) must receive and send data to Virusdie CDN at IP If you already have a firewall or any other requests filtering tools (on your site or on the server), you should add the specified IP to your whitelist.

Sync File direct link access

Nothing helps you to Sync your website?
There are some other things could provides sync problems. If the above methods do not help solve the problem, please contact our ticket-based tech support.