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Join 2000+ top-rated hosting providers, domain name registrars, software developers, service providers, web agencies, security experts, quick-witted freelancers, and web developers who are cleaning up and protecting their customers' websites with Virusdie. Or, just recommend Virusdie to other people. Choose your partner program now!

Tools PRO

Earn more on your own by offering website security services to your clients, just like you offer them SEO services!

Use Virusdie tools to offer website security services, similarly to how you use automated SEO tools when providing SEO services. You'll earn extra income while keeping your customers' sites free of malware, while setting your own price for the extra services you offer!

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API for integration

Integrate Virusdie into your environment and make money by selling website security services on your own terms

If you're a hosting provider, domain name registrar, software developer, or service provider, and you'd like to expand your business with a new website security service, simply take our API and use it to implement website security on your end. Then, start earning more by offering website security services to your clients.

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Mail.Ru Group has an all-in-one website statistics service for webmasters with more than 1 million connected websites, called We use the Virusdie API to check our customers' websites for malware automatically. It lets us provide built-in website security for our customers daily, and inform them of any malware or suspicious activity detected on their websites.

Alexander Gornyi, Mail.Ru Group All reviews
Ambassador program

Recommend Virusdie and earn 10%

Earn 10% of profit Virusdie get from Virusdie API integrations and WHMCS add-on sales with partners that you help to sign up the contract.

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