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Integrate Virusdie into your service

and earn millions Contact sales

Integrate Virusdie into your service

and earn millions

If you're a hosting provider, domain name registrar, software developer, or web service provider, you can make significantly more money by offering website security services to your customers using Virusdie's cloud platform. Simply use our API to integrate Virusdie into your environment.

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Sell security services even to customers whose sites you can't access through your own infrastructure!
Freedom to integrate

Integrate Virusdie into your service however you like, and start earning!

Why is Virusdie's cloud solution better than standalone security software? It's simple! You can sell security services even to customers whose sites you can't access through your own infrastructure, such as customers who buy a domain from you while using a different hosting provider. This also eliminates the need for you to support multiple server-side software instances, since you're working with a single cloud solution.

The ways you can integrate Virusdie into your environment are almost limitless: with or without the Virusdie user interface, with or without custom feature sets and pricing for your customers, and with billing from your side or billing from Virusdie. Freemium or premium pricing — with the Virusdie API, the choice is yours.

API documentation White paper and pricing PDF
Sample integration 1

MainWP — WordPress website management platform

MainWP, a cloud-based service for managing WordPress websites, integrated Virusdie into its service to offer customers security services using a freemium model. MainWP users with a premium subscription gained exclusive access to a free weekly website scan. If necessary, they can upgrade individual sites to a paid Virusdie plan for automatic cleanup and virus protection.

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MianWP Virusdie Extension, along with the Virusdie, has only one focus - protect your websites. The extension will allow you to detect both viruses and website vulnerabilities, making it different from other antivirus or defender products. Through the partnership between Virusdie and MainWP, additional benefits have been procured for the free tier. Signing up through the MainWP Virusdie Extension, you can connect and scan all your WordPress websites once a week and get weekly notifications. By using the MainWP Virusdie Extension, you can add all your websites to the Virusdie account from one centralized location without needing to upload your unique sync file manually to each of your sites. Once your websites are connected, you will see a complete overview directly in your MainWP Dashboard and include the Virusdie data in reports.

Dennis Dornon, MainWP Co-founder All reviews
MainWP is a hugely popular platform for managing WordPress websites, with tens of thousands of professionals using it every day.
Freemium model

MainWP users can scan their sites for free once per week and upgrade individual sites to a paid Virusdie plan

Without the Virusdie user interface

MainWP's developers created their own simple Virusdie interface for their users.

Billing from Virusdie

When upgrading an individual site to a paid plan, MainWP users are redirected to Virusdie for billing.

Virusdie user interface

A customized Virusdie interface with RU-Center branding is deployed on the hosting provider's own domain.

Freemium model

Sites belonging to RU-CENTER customers get a free daily scan. Belonging to customers who use different hosting providers get a free monthly scan. Customers can upgrade to a paid plan.

Hosting provider billing

All transactions for Virusdie services are managed on the hosting provider's end, and users can access billing information from their RU-Center accounts.

Thanks to its Virusdie integration, RU-Center earns more money by providing security services even to customers who use different hosting providers!
Sample integration 2

RU-Center — the largest hosting provider and domain registrar for SMBs on the Ru-net

For an example of how Virusdie can be deeply integrated into the services of a business-class hosting provider and domain name registrar, look no further than RU-Center, which integrated Virusdie into its own shared and VPS hosting systems. Not only that — the company can also sell services to customers of other hosting providers! Security services are integrated into its hosting and domain name purchase processes. It offers its customers special, customized pricing tiers, and the Virusdie interface appears under its own domain, with RU-Center branding and custom interface elements. The Virusdie integration is complemented by promotions designed to "wake up" dormant RU-Center customers and increase the conversion rate for paid website security services.

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Integrating Virusdie with our hosting and domain name solutions gave our clients the ability to resolve their website security issues automatically and independently. The integration with Virusdie's cloud architecture made it possible for us to reach customers who use other companies' hosting services. This can only be done with cloud-based solutions. With server-based website security software, it's impossible. Now, we can confidently say that offering security services not only increases customer loyalty, but also improves the security of their digital assets. It's a win-win situation, since improving security and countering threats is something we all care about.

George Kazarov, Product lead at RuCenter All reviews
Sample integration 3

REG.COM — hosting provider with 3 million active domains

By integrating Virusdie into its shared hosting platform, REG.COM offers its customers daily scans of their websites for viruses and vulnerabilities. If necessary, their websites can be automatically cleaned. REG.COM's customers receive notifications about detected viruses in their accounts, and they can choose to upgrade to a paid plan for automatic cleanup. There's no redirect to Virusdie in the upgrade process; everything happens in a single familiar place.

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Now we're offering our Shared hosting customers built-in solution for automatic malware detection and website cleanup based on Virusdie.Server. This solution lets us detect infected websites and remove malware automatically and very accurately using our service. Our customers can use it instead of wasting time manually scanning and cleaning up their websites.

Alexey Korolyuk, Co-founder at REG.COM All reviews
REG.COM set up its own minimalistic Virusdie interface for its one million-plus customers.
Hosting provider billing

All Virusdie purchases and renewals are handled automatically as part of the hosting provider's own billing system, just like the other services it offers

Without the Virusdie user interface

REG.COM designed its own minimalistic antivirus interface and built it into its user account pages

Freemium model

REG.COM's shared hosting customers can scan their sites for free