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Hacked Website

Hacked website

Nowadays hackers' attempts to gain unauthorized access to webpages are becoming more and more numerous and sophisticated. That's why Google blacklists thousands of suspicious websites every day. And that's why websites get hacked and businesses lose thousands of Euros worth in data and transactions. But how do you know that your website is hacked? Or how can you be sure it is protected and safe?

How do I know if my website is hacked?

Virusdie has developed a complete and user-friendly environment that not only monitors blacklists but also automatically investigates security issues with powerful, AI-powered algorithms and database to provide its clients with the long-sought peace of mind and 360-degree protection.

Simply add a website to the Virusdie dashboard, download a unique sync file - manually or over FTP - to the website root directory and allow the almighty Virusdie solutions to run an initial scan and protect your valuable resources and data.

And that's all. You will be notified and keep informed about all vulnerabilities, compromised files, and threads on dashboard tabs or via e-mail in just few seconds.

How to know if a website is hacked?

Virusdie strength are simple and intuitive, but automatic tools equipped with powerful, advanced, cloud-based technology at the core. Therefore, any user can scan and protect their website by themselves, because Virusdie is a really fast and easy solution for everyone. Even for the inexperienced.

Virusdie not only monitors website files, databases, plugins, themes, and the core of the website for most security issues, such as: hack attempts, malware, vulnerabilities, incorrect queries, XSS/SQL-injection, brute-force and login attempts, content scraping, or malicious uploads. It also automatically removes with high accuracy malicious code as Trojans, backdoors, shell scripts, and other from PHP, HTML, JS, images, and system files in just few seconds.

Simply go to the dashboard, select your website and see if there is and blacklist flag to check if your website is blacklisted. You can also click on the flag to view all the details and even send a blacklist removal request to the blacklist provider.

Or click on the website block to view the hacked website scan report with information about cleaned or deleted files.

The malware scan works automatically with the following CMSs: Joomla, Wordpress, Magento, Symfony, 1C Bitrix, Amiro.CMS, CMS Made Simple, CodeIgniter, CS.cart, DiafanCMS, DLE, Dolphin.PRO, Drupal, HostCms, InstantCMS, Koobi CMS, Laravel, ModX Evolution/Revolution, NetCat, OpenCart, PhpBB, PrestaShop, Simpla, Stressweb, UMI.CMS, VipBox(Engio), Vtiger CRM, Webasyst, XenForo Forum, Yii framework 2.x.

Monitor the security of the website with timeline chart and reports

Use easy-to-read timeline with red, green, and yellow blocks to find out if any malware has been detected on your website or if the website has not been synchronized with Virusdie. You can also use malware scan & removal reports, which are available at the bottom of the website antivirus panel.

Just click on timeline or the report to view all the interesting and important details.

So, my website has been hacked. What to do?

First and foremost, do not panic!

Virusdie not only detects infected or suspicious files with one click. It also automatically fixes the hacked WordPress website, cleans malware infections, and patches vulnerabilities on the spot by deleting them or removing fragments of malicious code from within the file. Or marking them as incurable.

Of course, you can automatically restore cleaned or deleted files by using the trashbox icon available on Antivirus Cleanup Report tab - all cleaned and deleted files can be restored within 30 days. You can use also neutralized copies of infected files stored in the repository on your server, or cancel all changes (i.e. restore cleaned or deleted files) along the last cleanup report with one click on the cleanup report.

And do not forget that Virusdie's scanning and automatic website cleanup tools guarantee that your website will run stably and fast after the scan and cleanup. All you have to do is download a sync file, set some options and trust that Virusdie's sophisticated algorithms to do all the work for you. 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Save your time with one-click website security by Virusdie

Join automated website security system trusted by 3.000.000+ businesses worldwide and get back to doing what you really love!

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