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Website Firewall

Website firewall

It could be said that a website firewall is a shield or a gatekeeper that stands on the threshold of your website and protects it against unwanted visitors. You probably don’t keep your front door open to the public and you shouldn’t keep your virtual door open, either. There are many dangers concerning your website that you must consider:

  • You may become a target for hackers.
  • Malicious software might get inside your website and disrupt its functioning.
  • Your website may be a DoS attack target.
  • You might become a victim of content scraping.
  • Your website may be blacklisted.
  • Your website might become the victim of XSS or SQL injections.

All these dangers and many more may knock at your virtual door so you must be ready. This is why you need to have a Virusdie firewall for websites.

What is a website firewall and how does it work?

In simple words, a website firewall is a kind of security system – hardware or software – that monitors the web traffic and prevents unauthorized access to your website. A firewall for websites is a virtual gatekeeper that will grant permission to trusted sources and IP addresses, and keep away unwanted traffic or suspicious data packets. It is the first barrier that visitors will encounter and it acts as a sieve for your web traffic.

how website firewall works

A Virusdie website firewall is an automatic tool that loads before your website and sifts through all website traffic. By being constantly connected to Virusdie servers, the website firewall monitors and analyzes every entry request and reacts when it discovers any suspicious data packets. Virusdie will block unwanted traffic and keep your website safe from dangers.

An automatic firewall for websites that works in the blink of an eye

Virusdie WordPress website firewall (among other major and minor CMSs supported by Virusdie) is fast and easy to use. You only need to click once and a web application firewall will automatically protect your website against online threats. Here are the things that happen when you click to turn on the Virusdie website firewall:

  • Virusdie automatically detects the CMS on your website.
  • It uploads the firewall for websites.
  • It brings into action the WAF on your site.
  • Virusdie gathers and analyzes the first data.
  • From this point the firewall constantly monitors and protects your website.

And all these things happen in less than a second.

Virusdie – a website firewall tailored to all your needs

The Virusdie website firewall (WordPress, Joomla, DLE, Magento, and Drupal are among many other CMSs for which the tool was designed) was created to automatically protect your website and ensure the best quality of service so that you have one less thing to worry about. Virusdie will keep your websites safe, it will notify you if any dangers are discovered, and it will make it easy for you to track the functioning of the website firewall.

  • Virusdie will create a pie chart that shows the regular and blocked traffic on your website.
  • It will also create a line graph that shows the detailed traffic statistics for the last 30 days with a blue line representing the regular traffic and the red one representing the blocked traffic.
  • Virusdie will also show you a bar graph that distributes blocked threats by type.
  • It will also create daily reports for every blocked IP address.

Virusdie firewall for websites was designed to automatically deal with online threats such as hackers’ attacks, malware, DoS attacks, and XSS/SQL injections. However, Virusdie will also keep you informed so that you know what other protection strategies and tools you may want to apply. Charts and graphs make it easy to analyze the dangers and may help you decide which IP addresses should be added to your whitelist and which you should keep an eye on.

Virusdie website firewall in a nutshell:

  • You only click once and Virusdie uploads the firewall on your website – it starts working in less than a second.
  • The firewall loads before your website but it doesn’t slow it down – your site opens as quickly as always.
  • You can choose the WAF reaction strength – there are three modes, each one twice as powerful as the previous one – and the strongest mode is chosen by default.
  • The website firewall is fully automatic – it constantly monitors the web traffic and prevents unauthorized access to your website.
  • Virusdie keeps you informed and helps you analyze the regular and blocked traffic.

As you can see, the Virusdie website firewall is a tool that has everything you need. Click once and be safe.

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