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Website Protection

Website protection

Website protection should be as natural for website owners as oxygen is essential for people to live. While technology is being constantly developed so are the means to destroy its achievements. Unfortunately, numerous malicious users might try to use your website for evil purposes. To avoid being targeted by such users it is good to consider obtaining website protection software such as Virusdie that will keep your online business safe.

Of course, you might decide that you don’t need web protection as your online enterprise is small and insignificant. The bad news is that this way of thinking is a popular misconception. No matter how small or big your online business is, it is always a potential source of profit for hackers and other malicious users.

When your website gets targeted and you don’t have sufficient website protection the situation will quickly turn from bad to worse. Solving such a problem on your own will take a considerable amount of time and effort which, in turn, will result in the loss of money you could earn during this time.

On the other hand, having automated website protection tools will save the time you would otherwise spend scanning, cleaning, and fixing your sites.

How can Virusdie protect you from online threats and dangers?

Virusdie provides comprehensive website protection services. It offers various tools that aim to resolve all security issues that may be encountered by online businesses. If you want to keep your website safe, you will need to have the best antivirus, firewall, vulnerability patch management, as well as other tools which will automatically monitor your website, fix arising security issues, and generally ensure the best web protection.

improve website protection

A self-respecting hacker will have a whole arsenal of weapons to attack you with. And to be prepared for the attack you should know the most common threats and dangers to your website:

  • SQL injections – the attacker tries to find SQL vulnerabilities and adds malicious code that may grant unauthorized access to sensitive website data. An attacker can then change or delete data and this, as a result, will disrupt the functioning of the website.
  • XSS injections – the attacker injects malicious scripts to your website to harm an unsuspecting user. The victim’s browser executes the script and can eventually target even the website administrator.
  • Malware injections – malicious software uses vulnerable web code to steal sensitive data, disrupt the functioning of the website, or use it for malicious redirects and distribution of spam content.
  • Brute force attacks – the attacker designs a script that aims to find the right password combination that will grant access to the website’s control area and, as a result, will be able to use your website for other malicious activities.
  • DoS attacks – a Denial of Service attack aims to slow down or completely stop the functioning of your website by creating fake traffic.

Virusdie website protection software can help you avoid all these potential dangers. It will save you time and money and will give you peace of mind.

What can you do to improve website protection?

There are many things that you can do to make your website safer.

  • Make sure that your software is up-to-date. CMSs usually offer their own web protection but even this won’t work if you don’t update your site (and themes, and plugins). What is more, most cyberattacks tend to be automated and look for holes and vulnerabilities in your website. Virusdie can help you keep your website safe with its vulnerability patch manager.
  • Install a website firewall. It will act as your website’s gatekeeper and won’t let in any suspicious data packets and unwanted traffic. A good firewall is one of the basic website protection tools.
  • Have strong passwords. The more complex the password, the more difficult it will be for the hacker to gain access to your website control panel. Remember the guidelines for creating a strong password – it should be at least 12 characters long, with a combination of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Don’t use words that may be related to the website or personal information that could be easily guessed. A strong password will considerably improve website protection.
  • Use website protection software. Virusdie can offer you comprehensive website protection services including website antivirus, website firewall, vulnerability patch manager, as well as some additional tools that will monitor your site, protect it and fix any security problems.
  • Maintain regular website backups. In the event of a successful hacking attack, it is good to have website backups. They will help you restore the website more quickly and will minimize the risk of losing precious files.

Virusdie – website protection software that will give you peace of mind

It is needless to say that good web protection is a must-have for your online business. Being a target of a cyberattack usually leads to serious consequences that may entail a loss of money, reputation, time, or even your health.

Virusdie provides multilevel website protection. It implements many independent subsystems that use encrypted data to enhance the overall safety of the provided website protection tools such as antivirus, firewall, vulnerability patch manager, and more.

With Virusdie your website will be safer than ever before.

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