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Virusdue is simple, yes, but incredibly reliable and powerful. I had ongoing issues with several websites through obvious injected code and other issues. I used Virusdie to clean up, thinking I might have to reinstall many files or plugins, but Virusdie was able to show me the injected code and allow me to modify those files to bring them back to original state. Dont let people talking about the simplicity fool you... This is an incredibly robust web and file monitoring solution that has helped cleanup a ton of crapware in its first use, and monitor these sites to prevent further malicious attacks. Virusdie will do exactly what you want to clean up hacked sites and prevent further attacks. I highly recommend them as an essential solution for Wordpress and all other types of websites.

Gene Waxman Go to the source

I've been using Viruside for some 15 months now (since September 2019) and can confidently recommend it as a great tool to improve and maintain website security. Unlike many other antivirus/malware solutions that are WordPress-specific, Virusdie is platform-agnostic and can monitor/diagnose/cleanup many PHP-based CMSes. The WAF is, likewise, capable of protecting many popular self-hosted platforms (a detailed list can be found on the manufacturer's website here: Virusdie is also very easy to deploy. Deployment consists of two stages: 1. Copy a single php file that is unique to every user's account to the root folder of a vhost. 2. Add said vhost to Virusdie dashboard. Webmasters who want to save themselves some time can even fully automate the first step by including the php file in the skeleton configuration that gets deployed for a new vhost. For less technically inclined users, there is already a Cpanel/WHCMS plugin, and I believe a WordPress plugin will be coming soon, as well. What I like is that the developers keep a brisk cycle and regularly add improvements that are aimed at making it easier to work with the product. As for the virus/malware detection algorithms, I am not really in a position to compare against other solutions but I think that with a reasonable amount of precaution (download themes and plugins from official repositories, no use of 'nulled' software), regular patching (Virusdie will nag you, for example, when important WP plugins are out of date and vulnerable...) and a good WAF it is highly unlikely a website will ever get infected. I've cleaned up several websites that got compromised via out of date version of Elementor, and the process was quick and easy. Whenever I needed help from support, it was right there in the VD dashboard (no need to go register to a separate helpdesk website...) Speaking of support, there is a well-frequented Virusdie Facebook group ( where one can get regular updates on threats and new features, or look for help as well (even though contacting support directly via the VD dashboard should be the right thing to do). Ultimately, I agree with the developers that Virusdie is both very friendly, and professional-grade, and I strongly recommend it.

Ivan Arnaudov Go to the source

An all day website superhero! Great, easy to use website security tool, even for someone who is non technical or savvy with websites management.

Adriel Yapana Go to the source

I trusted Virusdie and bought the agency F plan. I hope Virusdie will protect my sites. Let's move forward together!

Sanichir R. Gombojav Go to the source

We use it on all our installations since keeping up with security issues with sites can be time consuming to say the least. Getting alerts when there's a threat/problem, automatic scans on my sites every day, and getting security news from a reputable company like Virusdie is a plus. Virusdie has also never caused issues on my WP installations or slowed down my sites while it runs, which was one of my main concerns as I've had some bad experiences with a similar product.

Oscar Hernandez Go to the source

Nothing but simplicity. Set up your website and forget, while Virusdie is fighting all viruses and malware while you sleep. I've had a chance to personally work with team Virusdie and I've gone through the product. Love it and every website needs to be on Virusdie!

Meenank Minnu Go to the source

One of my client's site was hacked very badly and tons of malicious content inserted in it. I tried many plugins and spoke to many people to help me to fix it but no luck! When I found Virusdie, I attended most of their live sessions and asked the founder about my issues. He said "it's Professional Grade and can help in fixing the issues". Soon I installed Virusdie and almost everything was back to normal. Site is safe and all good over a year and happy to vote them as best antivirus for websites!

Virusdie is the best security solution for your websites, I highly recommend this product also @elijahmalyshev great guy.

Selçuk Şentürk Go to the source

Virusdie is really powerful and easy to use.

Awesome tool for website security.

Ankit Sharma Go to the source

Do what you do best. And keep going guys.

ongun çakal Go to the source

Virusdie is an awesome product. Best website security solution for your website. Very easy to use and highly recommended tool for all website owners. Thank you :)

Sasidhar Go to the source

A great piece of software, it works like a charm! Waiting for the WP plugin :D

Alex Pahl Go to the source

One of the best/most advanced/reliable antivirus/cleaning security tools on the market, we already cleaned dozens of hacked/infected WordPress websites with it. ;-)

Ivica Delic Go to the source

Virusdie is awesome. Support has been very helpful as well.

Great product, has continous development record and a progressive team. Has a lot of room for improvement in coming days and it will just make it a lot better. VirusDie is easy to use and its automated functionality makes it a must have if you are looking to stay safe on the web.

Powerful antivirus software and easy to use. I like it.

Powerful antivirus happy to use it also UI is very Good I like it!

Dheerendra Kumar Go to the source

Great service. It protects, cleans and even alerts in case of blacklisting. Very happy wiht it.

Antonio Almeida Go to the source

Great tool! We love it and use it for all our and our clients sites.

Dejan Markovic Go to the source

It is the easiest and very professional antivirus software I have ever used!

Andy Liao Go to the source

Innovative product, easy to setup, reasonable pricing and outstanding customer service.

Akhil K A Go to the source

Virusdie is the only Antivirus plugin i'll use on any of mine or my clients websites. 10/10 would recommend.

Joe LaPonza Go to the source

I bought a 10-pack about a year ago, and some of the sites I was not protecting got hit. I couldn't get access to those sites from a WordPress perspective, and I had already installed a plugin to secure them! Anyway, I put VirusDie on the sites, and they finally got cleaned and came back to life. As it was a new vulnerability they needed to write some code to get my issues fully resolved, which they did. They took my suggestions and responded quickly. Needless to say, I was sold! I went out and bought an unlimited sites license. They are the real deal. Highly recommended.

Tom Simon Go to the source

Virusdie is an awesome product, specially in virus and malware detection. I've tested with almost all PHP shell script/.js virus and other malware I know or I can download from the Internet and it can detects all of them. It can detect the malicious code injected into an image as well. It scans every pies of code and can find the malicious code in php files. The Author said on Facebook they are developing AI technology for it so it can detect EVERY malicious code or virus. That's amazing. This is also the most simple service I've used. All you need is enter your URL and click connect, then upload one given php file then verify. That's all, Virusdie will does everything else for you. The best thing is I've bought 1000 sites lifetime Agency license years ago so I can use it to protect client's websites that I developed. A good offer to clients to get new clients :). Thanks Virusdie and keep up the excellent work.

Go, VirusDie, hunt down those viruses!

Virusdie is really so easy to use. It identifies more malware than other similar tools, and it cleans the malicious code from the infected website without causing problems and cero knowledge. It is a solid antivirus and malware removing tool.

So far I'm blown away by Virusdie. Installed it on my site that I keep patched regularly. 24 hours in, I got a warning about an exploit. I reached out to the developers of the plugin that was sourced as having the virus and they confirmed it was indeed the case. Pretty awesome!

Tamar Weinberg Go to the source

Virusdie is a life-saver for my agency. It's common for performing websites to get infected with malware and attacked online. The virusdie cloud scanning has saved me from countless hours of stress and manual scanning! It's an amazing tool with a super intuitive interface!

Mansoor Alam Go to the source
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VirusDie is a time and money saver. It runs automatically and cleans issues automatically in the background! It has saved me multiple times.

Steven Aaron Go to the source

One of the best tools out there for Virus removal and website firewall. The deals is well-structured too. I'm looking forward to the new UI.

Inderpal Singh Go to the source

I recently got hacked and spent hours trying to fix my website. It was a nightmare. Luckily at the same time I got an email from Pitchground offering Virusdie. I immediately grabbed Unlimited+Branded Agency Account Plan C. A few minutes later my website was as good as new. Thank you Virusdie and Pitchground.

Mike Milic Go to the source

We've heard this many times.. there are only 2 kinds of people on the Internet. One who knows they have been hacked and the others who don't. Regular scanning of your sites is a must to ensure they are up and running without being hacked. Virsudie is a must-have tool for your and your customer's websites. You can bundle it with your existing services and charge more. So don't wait for the last moment and grab the deal immediately.

Sanjay Kothari Go to the source

Just cleaned 3 sites i knew were infected with Virusdie. I knew few of my sites were infected and i was thinking of replacing them entirely but didnt haev time do so. It hardly took me less than 1hour to clean all 2 sites. Thanks for the amazing software, it can help you in desperate situation.

Abdul Sattar Gharade Go to the source

I got a 5 websites licence a couple of years ago, and as with many other stuff I get, I left it just sitting there without being used. Then about 8 months ago a client call me to ask for help on her hacked website. I remembered Virusdie, and decided to give it a try. I would say it took about 30 minutes from the time I remembered VD, to the time the website was clean. It took me longer to figure out the login credentials than to install, scan and clean the website. After that I was sold! The point is, sooner or later you will need this, whether you get this or not, will decide the outcome when that day comes. I'm super happy now, that I got more licenses to protect all my websites.

No company online should be without security/protection. The amount of clients who need this type of service, but don’t have the know-how or time to keep up with security is endless. Buying the Virusdie LTD is an instant winner for agencies looking to service clients who want site protection and security.

I was looking for an easy security solution to manage all my WP sites and this is no doubt the best investment I made on PG!

I got VirusDie the first time it came to PG. Years back. Didn't get unlimited domain because I wanted to try out the tool and business wasn't that good. When VD came back to PG now, I jumped on the Unlimited Deal (Plan B) for my agency. Why? I could easily add more value into my care package and get my investment back in a few months. Worth it. Well done Udit, PG team and of course, VD team for bringing this deal back. P.S. And please follow the roadmap too!

Reginald Chan Go to the source

I skipped this when it was in its cheapest deal. I thought "It cannot be that good for that price". We all are busy and at that moment, there wasn't many people vouching for this but later I realized of how good is this. They have the best malware scanning and removal system of all the competitors. The team are improving the firewall also, so I bet this will become the top all-in-one security option for WP and not WP sites. I'm really happy that I finally could get unlimited sites for the top agency C plan! Don't miss this because it is a top solution!

Jose Carlos Go to the source

Protecting your website is extremely expensive. This lifetime deal saves you both time and money. I bought the highest plan when it launched and it's truly worth every cent. I am extremely grateful to PG for bringing this back to us.

Hue Truong Go to the source

My favourite 6 words for this tool - DO NOT MISS THIS OFFER AGAIN. Safeguarding your website is extremely costly and this coming on a lifetime deal is a total money and time saver. I had immediately grabbed the highest plan the time it launched and it's totally worth every dollar that I have invested in this tool. Virusdie wins and thanks PG for bringing this beast back to us.

Lovely product , I liked it because it is easy to setup, i loved the UI.

Nejerfan Alkhado Go to the source

Fantastic platform with Quick Setup and excellent functionality. A superb webinar covering a huge amount of easily set up and powerful functionality, the white-labelled agency reporting will be great for us. From what I heard makes it a no brainer for us. Fantastic ist of functionality in roadmap and I am sure will continue grow. Would love to see & explore native integration with devOPS tools so engineers can see all in 1 devOPS dashboard - e.g. datadog, new relic, site24x7 etc.

Richard Perry Go to the source

Virusdie strikes me as a great investment. You don’t just get monitoring, but basically fully-fledged security, and it’s all handled in a very easy-to-use package that’s easy to scale up as needed.

Chomphoo Dev Go to the source

...this is no-brainer deal must buy to protect website

Lawrence Lau Go to the source

Get Back your Sleep as VirusDies. I have been using VirusDie for the last 7 months and this has been one of the best purchase I have made for protecting my website. Infact it has already won me a new client, there was a client whose Google Ads was getting rejected and the existing service provider was not able to fix it. Furstrated the client came to me, all that I did was to install VirusDie and in the very first scan it cleaned up the website and within the next 3-4 days after necessary validation by Google, the Ads started running again. Now I have an additional client. The Firewall also works very well protecting the website and the reports adds lot of value when I offer it to my client.

Balasubramanian Venkatesh Go to the source

An absolute "MUST" have system for Web Agencies and Web developers. Lovely product, especially if you or your Agency / Company is in Web Security space. We offer WordPress Maintenance and Managed Hosting to our clients, so integrating Viruside into our platform was no brainer.

Rafal Kukla Go to the source

The platform looks promising, website security is major concern now days. Having Virusdie by your side is like having Ninja Sword with you to fight against virus. Having daily check and patch fixes is just a breeze.

Saurabh Sonar Go to the source

Best protection. A clean interface and very easy to setup. A must have for digital agencies.

Awesome Malware Removal Tool. I had earlier purchased 10 website plan. Bought an unlimited website plan today as this software works and really helps to remove malware from your site , if it gets hacked or attacked. I have cleaned more than 8 websites till today. Buy this software if you build websites for clients.

Kaushal Sheth Go to the source

Virusdie is the best website antivirus and malware cleaner. I have been using the 5 site plan which I got during the last sale. I regretted about not getting the highest plan after using it for few months. Now the deal is back and I have got the unlimited plan. It was really helpful in cleaning a number of websites. This is a must have for every sites.

Simplified Website Security & Peace of Mind. Virusdie is easy for your clients to track and simple for you to put into action. Don't wait until you website is hacked to get serious about security!

Brandon Burns Go to the source

A Must Have for all Website Owners! Do you have a web page with broken links or someone typing gibberish in your website's comments? That's the work of malware, and it could be bringing all of your content to a screeching halt. If this sounds like something that needs fixing now, then Virusdie is your new best friend. It leaves no room for hackers to put their dirty digital paws on anything. Watch as he gets rid of these nasty viruses by commandeering them into his own data dump (trust us-it was bound to happen eventually). You'll even get access to an automatic list of known threats so you can keep on top of things at any time! Give virusdie a try today!

Best security system till date. Virusdie is amazing and user friendly! All websites of our customers may be managed from one dashboard. The support is great too! When a problem arises that we can't resolve Virusdie is there to guide you. We highly recommended!

Peace of mind comes at a price... Agencies. This is a great and solid tool and a great addition to increase your authority and offerings, if you are a Digital Agency. Do no tmiss to start a new business alongside a solid partner, with Virusdie.

I got a single site license back then and my business grew. I regretted it so much that why didn't I purchase the highest license because seeing what wonders it did on my single site, made me a forever fan of Virusdie (also thanks to PG for bringing this to us). Waiting for this beast to launch ASAP so that I can grab the highest plan the moment it launches (and save myself from the other software where I am spending $$$ monthly). Haha - Can I pre-book and get a license right now? :P jk.. can wait for 3 weeks. yay!

Virusdie is a must for your website. Easy to use and reliable. As an agency owner, I can't stress how important it is to keep the hackers away. I regularly clean sites for businesses who don't realise the importance of protecting their site from hackers and malware. Virusdie is really easy to use, reliable and affordable. At $49 a year, this is a great investment.

I have been using the free version on my site and have purchased the unlimited site licence as I was impressed! Everyone needs this tool if they are serious about security! Please don't wait until you are hacked.....sadly, many people do and then it's often too and hours lost recovering your site.....I was hacked (WordPress vulnerability) but luckily I was able to fix my site...

Gary Neesome Go to the source

This is a great product. I'm really happy with it. This is a great product. I'm really happy with it.

Recommended protection for most websites. Easy to use, integrate, and protect WordPress websites. I'm lucky enough to get the LTD offers. The best and trusted service provider!

AMIROL Z. Go to the source

Great tool to protect your site. Words for Wordpress, Joomla and other CMS with full power (even firewall!), and with PHP-based sites with basic functionality. Go, get it!

Michael H. Go to the source

I love this product would buy it 10 times it really worth it i added 400 websites to this service. It is really worth the money.

Consistently excellent support, strong product, and no-brainer. Easy to implement. Be aware, currently does not work on WP Engine due to their file privileges and permissions.

One of the best services and deals on stack social. It is an amazing value and great service. I highly recommend it.

This an amazing deal. Grab it while you can!

A great service and the price for this is super cheap and a super deal.

Kristian C. Go to the source

Absolutely stunning security software. One of the best UI I have worked with. I have been testing its ability to pick up on hacked files and It beats some other WordPress solutions I have used. Just what I was looking for. Their English website need a bit of work. The staff photos too, but I see from their partnerships with big companies this is a serious outfit. Incredible deal!

David W. Go to the source

Top product everybody that build Wordpress websites for clients needs this!

Rudolf S. Go to the source

Nice product. Easily understood and used.

Valdas R. Go to the source

Unbeatable product within this range.Awesome service and support.I think this is the best security for web hosting resellers.

Pradipta C. Go to the source

One of the best deals I have ever bought on Stack Social, this team is amazing, if you can't get this software on a deal, just get it if you manage websites.

Craig B. Go to the source

One of my best purchases. Virusdie works very well and is constantly developing. I recommend to everyone!

Mariusz K. Go to the source

Being a web developer for over 15 years, I haven't found anything decent at a reasonable price that worked. I decided to give VirusDie a chance & I wasn't disappointed. For a few weeks, the software ran in the background, doing its thing. It never found anything. I didn't think it was really working. Until one day, it found malware! It automatically removed the malware and alerted me of the issue. I now have all of my clients using VirusDie & we all have peace of mind! Great produce, great price.

Brian N. Go to the source

Read what our clients have to say about our software before you use it and feel more confident in your choice.

I use Virusdie for some time for all my clients websites and it is working great, and the support is just awesome . There knowledge is so good and. Everybody with a Wordpress website should take this security!


I'm blown away by Virusdie support. On top of an already great product, here's another one of those software teams that take the extra step to deliver customer satisfaction. I had a client who had let their Wordpress plugins get old and out of date, I'm assuming this is how the virus got into the website. The VirusDie team went in, located the virus and removed it, saving the company 100s of dollars and potentially having to rebuild the entire website. I have licenses with other security services, plus a maintenance contract with my hosting company, but it was VirusDie that saved the day, in fact it took a lot less than a day.

Craig Brown

I have been using Virusdie for a few weeks. I had remove 8 virus between 2 domains. So far it’s a great tool. I’m glad to have it.

Byron Lopez

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"MianWP Virusdie Extension, along with the Virusdie, has only one focus - protect your websites. The extension will allow you to detect both viruses and website vulnerabilities, making it different from other antivirus or defender products. Through the partnership between Virusdie and MainWP, additional benefits have been procured for the free tier. Signing up through the MainWP Virusdie Extension, you can connect and scan all your WordPress websites once a week and get weekly notifications. By using the MainWP Virusdie Extension, you can add all your websites to the Virusdie account from one centralized location without needing to upload your unique sync file manually to each of your sites. Once your websites are connected, you will see a complete overview directly in your MainWP Dashboard and include the Virusdie data in reports."

MainWP Co-founder Dennis Dornon View integration

"Now we're offering our Shared hosting customers built-in solution for automatic malware detection and website cleanup based on Virusdie.Server. This solution lets us detect infected websites and remove malware automatically and very accurately using our service. Our customers can use it instead of wasting time manually scanning and cleaning up their websites."

Co-founder at REG.COM Alexey Korolyuk View integration

"Integrating Virusdie with our hosting and domain name solutions gave our clients the ability to resolve their website security issues automatically and independently. The integration with Virusdie's cloud architecture made it possible for us to reach customers who use other companies' hosting services. This can only be done with cloud-based solutions. With server-based website security software, it's impossible. Now, we can confidently say that offering security services not only increases customer loyalty, but also improves the security of their digital assets. It's a win-win situation, since improving security and countering threats is something we all care about."

Product lead at RuCenter George Kazarov View integration

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