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Company – Mission and vision

Secure your websites with a single click.

Owners of small and medium-sized businesses deserve to spend their lives doing only what they truly love. This is why we're creating an ecosystem that will let you deal with your website's security — boring, but essential — in just one click, without taking away your complete control over it or charging you an arm and a leg. Our mission is to make it so that people can secure their websites in no time at all with a single click.

What's the problem?

Manually solving website security problems today takes lots of time and money, and it slows down the continued growth of your business. Automatically resolving website security issues today is difficult, even for a trained specialist, and it can harm your website's performance.

The approximately 400 million small and medium-size businesses are the backbone of economies around the world. And there are more than 200 million of them whose advertising, communication with customers, sales — the very life of these companies — all depend entirely on the operation of their websites. These are stores, agencies, and all the other companies whose main channel of communication with their customers is the web. If something happens to one of these companies’ sites, business grinds to a halt. It takes the life right out of that company. One of the main reasons a company's website might stop working is a successful attack that damaged the website, infected the site with a virus, or introduced something into the site's code so that it distributes viruses or facilitates fraud. These sites lose their functionality or are blocked, so users can't access them. Every day, an astounding number of attacks are attempted against millions of sites belonging to small and medium-sized businesses, in an attempt to find a weak spot. Often, these attacks succeed. For the company that owns the site, nothing could be worse.

Web antivirus solutions exist to protect these sites, thus also protecting the companies that own them from interruptions to their business.

What is the most important, most basic thing that any kind of protective equipment should do? Why do we really need it? It gives us a sense of control. We are aware that we are in control of the situation. That means that a security solution should do more than just protect you; it should also give you a sense of calm and control over the situation.

Let's take a look at the web security market today. There are services that let you transfer your site to other people, so that they can monitor its safety. Or, you can use automatic protection programs that are also available on the market. What's wrong with those? What's the problem? There are two problems, and both of them are fundamental.

The thing is, when you transfer your site to other people to manage it, you lose your sense of control! This causes fear. There's no two ways about it. It's human nature. This is an innate feature of living beings that has helped and continues to help us survive. Similarly, most people are instinctively afraid of flying on airplanes, as they lose control of the situation and depend on another person. But these same people drive their cars quite calmly and feel no fear: they have a sense of control over the situation. They can manage everything.

In addition to all this, the traditional approach of handing your website's security over to someone else and letting them address security issues takes a lot of time, as does all manual work. This also has a negative effect on your business processes: it slows down your growth and limits the flexibility of your business, simply because the company responsible for the security of your website imposes restrictions on your website operations. On top of that, the security services you need could end up costing astonishing amounts of money, accompanied by invoices so massive and complex that you can't understand how they're created. And that's not cool at all!

In short, transferring your site to other people does not give you a sense of control. It does not make you feel calm.

So, what's wrong with automatic protection programs today? It's simple: they’re too complicated to master and operate, even for web professionals. These tools cause confusion at first sight. This is about the same as putting a person in an F-22 Raptor without years of training. On the one hand, you kind of can protect yourself with these tools. On the other, you don't fully understand how to use them, how everything works, what's going on. You can't be sure that you are doing everything right, or doing enough to not break something.

Besides, there are always some situations where automated tools can't help you, no matter how powerful they might be. In those situations, you'll still need to either resolve the issue yourself or turn to a security expert.

And all this, similarly, does not give you a sense of control over the situation.

All in all, manually solving website security problems today takes lots of time and money, and it slows down the continued growth of your business. Automatically resolving website security issues today is difficult, even for a trained specialist, and it can harm your website's performance.

So, what's the solution, then? How can we make website security simple, fast, and affordable?

Our plan is built on three security principles!

We believe that all it takes is three products. Together, they can solve any website security problem in a single click, without taking away your sense of control and without any exorbitant charges.

1. Automated tools

We start by creating Virusdie's powerful, yet intuitive, automated website security tools. You can use them on your own to solve most website security problems in one click.

2. Website insurance

Next, we give people the ability to buy simple, straightforward website insurance from Virusdie in a single click, in case of any unforeseen problems that you can't or don't want to solve yourself, even with Virusdie's automated tools.

3. A security expert marketplace

Finally, we give people the ability to select and hire some of the world's best security experts — in one click, of course — from the Virusdie Marketplace. If you have Virusdie insurance, the cost of hiring an expert is covered, too!

Strategic roadmap
Automated security tools

Software that can automatically resolve 100% of security issues for 80% of people in just one click.

Incredibly powerful, intuitive tools for cleaning up and protecting websites that don't require any training or studying to use. These are tools you can use on your own. In most cases, these tools can solve problems completely and automatically with a single click. In other cases, they'll save you time investigating and solving more complex problems that can't be fixed automatically, so you can fix them in a few minutes!

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Website insurance (in 2025)

Pay just a small portion of what you would otherwise pay if the automated tools aren't able to resolve a security issue.

When you buy Virusdie's one-click website insurance, you can always be confident that in the event of a complex website infection or damage to your site, getting help from third-party security experts to restore your site won't cost you any more than the minimum cost in your insurance policy.

More about website insurance
Marketplace (in 2024)

Select the right security experts for you and hire them in a single click.

The Virusdie Marketplace is a place where users of Virusdie's automated tools can hire some of the world's top security experts to get help in their native language. The experts know how to use Virusdie's automated tools, too. If you have Virusdie insurance for your website, it covers the cost of hiring an expert, so there won't be any extra costs!


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