Company – The roadmap

The roadmap

to one-click website security

Since 2011, we've been working towards a single goal:
simple, one-click, straightforward, and affordable website security for small and medium-sized businesses around the world.

10 years
Stage 5 | 2021 - 2022 | In progress

Giving the world a simple and straightforward web security market and a greater sense of control and increased peace of mind.

Released on July 8
Virusdie landing, 2021.

The new landing pages and brand new design code for all Virusdie products for the next 5 years, released.

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Coming on July - October
Improvements, 2021.

Improve Virusdie WAF. Add features: database scan, a teamwork etc. Improve security tools in general and technologies in all products for a smoother user experience.

Released on August 19
Add-on for WHMCS, 2021.

Virusdie add-on for WHMCS (for middle-sized Hosting providers to get started providing site security to their clients with 1-second integration).

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Coming on October 2021
Fifth-gen SaaS (Tools), 2021.

The new generation of all-in-one cloud antivirus tools witn ton of new features, updates and the brand new user interface.

Coming on November 2021
WordPress, 2021.

Virusdie plugin for WordPress (for 1-site clients).

Coming on November 2021
Marketplace, 2021.

Connect Advanced clients with Intermediate clients together. Launch of new marketplace platform for the entire Virusdie ecosystem.

Coming in Spring - Summer 2022
Website insurance, 2022.

Give people the ability to buy simple website insurance in a single click, in case of any unforeseen problems that you can't or don't want to solve yourself, even with Virusdie's automated tools.

Coming in later 2022
Complete marketplace access, 2022.

Integrate easy access to marketplace to all products of Virusdie' product line.

Stage 4 | 2020 | Completed

Give small/medium-sized businesses with just one server the chance to experience Virusdie’s friendly website antivirus.

Virusdie.Server 3.0, 2020.

Release the new generation of stand-alone binary antivirus platform Virusdie.Server to build native extensions for Linux and Windows Server.

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Plesk, 2020.

Launch a Virusdie extension for the Plesk panel for Linux and Windows Server. (Going to be shutted down in 2021 as out of Virusdie strategy).

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Advanced API, 2020.

Launch the API for big boys (Hosting providers, domain registrars) to let them simply integrate Virusdie services into their environment to provide cloud website security to their clients.

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Improvements, 2020.

Improve Virusdie interfaces and technologies in all products for a smoother user experience, greater productivity, and greater convenience.

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Stage 3 | 2019 | Completed

Give web agencies and web professionals the simplest, most effective tool for providing comprehensive website security services to their customers while earning some extra cash.

Branded summary reports, 2019. Now, SaaS offers a fully-fledged, long-awaited Branded mode for web agencies.

Stage 2 | 2019 | Completed

Creating the world’s friendliest professional-grade antivirus for multiple websites/multiple servers — creating a cloud service with web agencies in mind.

Evolution of SaaS, 2019. We completely revised the semantic concept of our products and, finally, finally convinced ourselves of who we are. We are friendly pirates! And our customers, too. We realized that we can do what we dreamed of: giving users the most friendly and elegant antivirus in the world for their sites. Now, in all our products you can see a pirate theme :)

Stage 1 | 2011-2019 | Completed

Find out if it’s possible to create a complex technology to automatically and accurately clean and protect websites while being straightforward and easy to use for both web professionals and small/medium-sized businesses alike.

First-generation SaaS, 2012.

One-page web service for automatic scanning and automatic website malware removal.

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Second-generation SaaS, 2014.

Paid service for automatic scanning and website cleanup, with user registration, launched on the Russian-speaking portion of the internet.

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Third-generation SaaS, 2015.

All-in-one cloud tools: website antivirus, firewall, file editor with malicious code highlighting, and tools for investigating site security incidents.

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Virusdie.Server, 2016.

REG.COM and other large hosting providers began using the GUI-less Virusdie.Server software, developed specifically as standalone software, to clean and protect web servers automatically.

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Module for ISPmanager 5, 2016.

In partnership with ISPsystem, based on the Virusdie.Server server solution, a module for automatic scanning and site cleanup for the ISPmanager server control panel was developed and launched. (Product shutted down in 2020 as out of Virusdie strategy).

VirusTotal, 2017.

Virusdie became an official blacklist data provider for the VirusTotal project.

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Fourth-generation SaaS, 2018.

The fourth generation of the service became available to users in the global market, focused on clients of web professionals and web agencies with many sites.

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Polyswarm, 2019.

Virusdie became an official provider of microservices for URL and file checking for the PolySwarm project.

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