How to find images infected with malware

Images infected with malware or malicious images on websites

The problem of infected images and trojan disguised under them is an important due the form of todays choice of algorithms for searching for threats used in most antivirus programs. Antiviruses that use primarily signature analysis, and are keep with all the advantages and disadvantages of this technology, are often forced to ignore binary files to maintain high scanning speed.

This very feature of antivirus that leads to the fact that it could be the way to hide a succeed attack on a website. In this article, we’ll look at the most common cases of such attacks and ways how Virusdie helps to find and clean such images. (more…)

Cloudlinux and Virusdie announcing collaboration

Cloudlinux, Imunify360 and Virusdie

CloudLinux, the leading developer of security and stability products for web hosting providers, has integrated Virusdie products for automatic malware scanning and removal within its new Imunify360 security product. This partnership will allow Virusdie to expand its hosting market reach and help CloudLinux improve web server malware detection and provide automatic malware removal to its customers, as well as other features in the future.


Virusdie.Server v2.3.0

Virusdie.Server v2.3.0

Virusdie.Server v2.3.0 is developed for best compatibility with new generation of Virusdie anti-malware platform launches this Fall. The new version of stand-alone server antivirus contains lot of modifications, like: (more…)

Virusdie module for ISPmanager integrated to REG.COM billing system

Module Virusdie for ISPmanager for REG.COM customers

Virusdie’ automatic website malware removal technologies for VPS and Dedicated server stood available for biggest russian registrar and hosting provider REG.COM. We are so excited to announce that Virusdie module for ISPmanager that is based on Virusdie’ software and developed by biggest server control panel vendor in Eastern Europe ISPsystem company , now is available for REG.COM customers from hosting billing system directly.

Upsell website cleanup in hosting provider offering

Upsell automatic malware removal and website cleanup in your offering

Dear partners and Hosting providers.
We are pleased to inform you that Virusdie’ Kit for Hosting Providers is now available to upsell your offering. The Kit is a combination of stand-alone solution Virusdie.Server in a no-cleanup mode and File Cleanup API. With that complex solution you will can take website malware removal and cleanup burden off your shoulders as best you can. Integrate the solition into your billing system and hosting panel to provide automatic malware removal for your Customers on your Shared hosting. (more…)

File cleanup API release

Virusdie File cleanup API for CMS and components developers and security web-projects.

Virusdie File cleanup API is now available for CMS and components developers and security web-projects. Now it’s possible to upload malicious or even suspicious files on Virusdie’s side and get results or cleaned file sample immediately. (more…)

External Site Check API 3.0

External Site Check API - External Website Malware and Security Scanner

The completely new version of Virusdie External Site Check API 3.0 is available. This API provides External Website Malware and Security Scans.
You may built it in your service or project to provide fast and accurate external malware and website security scans to your customers. All you need to know is a domain you want to check.

Time zone set tool and HTTPS settings

Set timezone

We are pleased to inform you that now you are free to set your own timezone for all reports, schedule and actions on Virusdie. Just set you timezone in Profile section in your dasboard.