RU-CENTER launching automatic website cleanup in Hosting panel

RU-CENTER announcing automatic clenaup for websites built-in in hosting panel

We are in Virusdie, as the developers of antivirus services as well as software developers for site and server protection closely monitoring the website security market daily, Mo-to-Mo and Y-to-Y.

Despite the fact that site protection services are actively rising in the US since 2008, some time ago it was impossible to give an obvious answer to the question of whether such antivirus technologies would be in great demand in the Runet (russian-speaking segment of WEB) by resource owners, digital agencies or anyone else. But in 2016 the market began to get its outlines. Some number of services stood visible: website protection, automatic and of course comprehensive expert help along website security issues. To our great joy, finally, we see today as the main organisations who are the leaders of the Internet market in Russia stood understand website security services needs for their customers. And today one ot such TOP-companies RU-CENTER registrar and hoster with more than 7 million registered domains, make a step into website security beyond.


Cloudlinux and Virusdie announcing collaboration

Cloudlinux, Imunify360 and Virusdie

CloudLinux, the leading developer of security and stability products for web hosting providers, has integrated Virusdie products for automatic malware scanning and removal within its new Imunify360 security product. This partnership will allow Virusdie to expand its hosting market reach and help CloudLinux improve web server malware detection and provide automatic malware removal to its customers, as well as other features in the future.


Virusdie module for ISPmanager integrated to REG.COM billing system

Module Virusdie for ISPmanager for REG.COM customers

Virusdie’ automatic website malware removal technologies for VPS and Dedicated server stood available for biggest russian registrar and hosting provider REG.COM. We are so excited to announce that Virusdie module for ISPmanager that is based on Virusdie’ software and developed by biggest server control panel vendor in Eastern Europe ISPsystem company , now is available for REG.COM customers from hosting billing system directly.

Upsell website cleanup in hosting provider offering

Upsell automatic malware removal and website cleanup in your offering

Dear partners and Hosting providers.
We are pleased to inform you that Virusdie’ Kit for Hosting Providers is now available to upsell your offering. The Kit is a combination of stand-alone solution Virusdie.Server in a no-cleanup mode and File Cleanup API. With that complex solution you will can take website malware removal and cleanup burden off your shoulders as best you can. Integrate the solition into your billing system and hosting panel to provide automatic malware removal for your Customers on your Shared hosting. (more…)

Sharing reports. Email invitation. File info.

Hello frineds!
Today we present to you the three Virusdie’s SaaS updates.

1. Sharing malware scan and removal reports to any Email you want

Sharing malware scan & removal reports

It’s a cool and helpful feature. It helps you share any scan report to any Email right from the Report. By clicking share icon on top. So, you can use it to send any report to your customers! (more…)

The all-new is already available!

All-new 2016 is already available!


The all-new is available right now! It was a lond way to built really ultimate tools to your website security, but we think we did it the best way! The new Virusdie is amazing, it’s just gorgeous! All-new interface, a lot of tiny amazing features, awesome performance. We’ve upgraded all tools and add some new.

Yeah Baby! Public beta is available and Free!

Virusdie Publi Beta is available and free!

Hi! Now Public Beta is available and free till Jan. 2016. So, we are really interested in your feedback to make Virusdie better.

As you know (if not — read how Virusdie works) Virusdie is the anti-malware network for website built for everyone. We believe that everyone website owner and professional webmasters need professional and easy website cleaning and protection. (more…)