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The big update 184 for Virusdie core

Dear customers. That is the one of biggest updates of Virusdie’ Core system. And this is the first big update for Virusdie v.5.5 released recently. The goal is to prepare the infrastructure for upcoming feature releases, you’ve been waiting for long time: Teamwork, Site Sharing, other things.

So this update is a key to new features.

The .htaccess sync problem

Previously, Virusdie been able to create the special .htaccess file at tmp Virusdie’ folder on your host, to work properly. That leads (sometimes) to a connection (sync) problems. So now that problem fixed and the sync stability doesn’t depends on .htaccess file anymore.

The new sync file will be updated in-place

The sync file been refactored and updated. Now it is more stable and new, without old mess. That means that the sync file will be updated automatically and in-place. And for some customers and websites that could be a problem due to permissions on your host or a web-server. That way, if you face with the sync problem, please get the new sync file and re-upload it on your website, manually.

The cache failure problem

There were some bugs that leads to a cache crash on our tail across CDN. Now fixed and improved.

The step forward to a Teamwork – the unique sync file for each website

Now, preparing the Teamwork and Site-sharing feature, Virusdie support unique sync file for each website (option). Before that, there was just one sync file for all your websites at your Virusdie account. Now Virusdie support different sync files for your account. (That option we’re going to use to release Teamwork and Site-sharing features ).

Now custom CMS’ setups, custom configs and multisite setups are supported

Now Virusdie can work with website that runs not standard configurations of CMS. Probably, you use a custom path for your website database or CMS config file, … or etc. The new Virusdie core can deal with that. So we’ll use that option to implement new features like support your CMS’ custom setups (we’ll ask you to choose the path on your host to config files or databases, or other things, if Virusdie can’t recognise that automatically).

Optimised authorisation and extra API layer

That is a technical feature for our backend. Now Virusdie core support the special authorisation method for new Virusdie v.5.5 scanners and engines, that let it takes the authorisation tasks burden off the new backend shoulders. That let Virusdie core runs faster and be more stable. Additionally, the API been enriched with extra layer with a specific cache. That significantly reduce the frequency of requests to User API engine – so, reduce the service load and let the service runs faster.

PHP 8.1 fatal SQL error

PHP 8.1 can responds with fatal error due to SQL request errors. Now Virusdie hardly disable that mode automatically so the scan and all Virusdie operations runs smooth and straightforward without fatal errors, even there are some.

Hope, you found this update helpful 🙂

Ilia Malyshev,
Founder and CEO at Virusdie.


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