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introducing Virusdie v.5.5

Dear customers. This is the day you and our team have been waiting for a long time. More than 6 months of engineering and coding. More than 50,000 lines of optimised code. More than 60 days of tests. And here it is. This is the biggest step to the new option stack and the Marketplace as well – to achieve the mission goal – to connect web-security professionals with their clients at one solid website security platform! That approach ‘ll jump website security all over the world to a new level – better services, faster services, much more affordable services to your new customers! And that game involves more and more PROs around the world as well as their customers – so that, it looks that is the right way to change the website security market and make it bigger and better, as web-design and SEO!

So, today we introducing the new generation of Virusdie service – version 5.5. What is this? What is better than 5.0?

What’s new in Virusdie v.5.5

1. The completely new backend and scan engines. From scratch! The scan engines were re-developed from scratch. That is the core of the new generation of Virusdie. That new engine is much more stable to scan websites, process errors and make cleanups and restores. This new backend now is a module-based system, so we can add new options and build new services for you, based on it almost 20X times faster and better!

2. The new sidebar UI with action and activity log. The new sidebar user interface now almost the same to website audit reports – no more doubts how to use that! There is the brand new 1st tab here – the website status. That helps you catch website current status on one page and do not jump between different tabs. And more that, you can manage scan settings right here as well!

The new sidebar with quick settings for Virusdie 5.5

The new activity and action log for Virusdie 5.5

There are an operation and activity log here as well now. So now you can simply catch the all history of scans, cleanups, option setups, restores, etc. Soon, we’ll add the option to share these data with your customers by a click and ‘ll add these log into summary reports as well!

3. One step to Teamwork and Marketplace services! The new backend system is a fundamental step forward that allow us to build Teamwork feature and run the Marketplace service as well! Coming in 2024!

4. No more annoying sync errors! There was a fundamental problem with old engine – the site sync status depended on the last scan status. That was not so cool in terms of UX, of course. Cos you could find yourselves at the tab that shows nothing… or with incorrect status. Now, with the new backend and scan engine, not only scan action causes the site sync status, but any of your action that interact with your website over the connection system. So that, now your site sync status always correct and up to date!

5. The WordPress plugin connected to the new API. Yes, the new backend and scanners use the new API system. So that, our WordPress plugin been updated and runs the new API as well!

Upcoming release

1. The Multisite paradise Pack 1.
2. The site-sharing feature.
3. The Teamwork feature.
4. The UI update (we’ll make the fine tune for UX to clear scenarios and design code, to make your work more convenient and easy).

Hope, you found this update helpful 🙂

Ilia Malyshev,
Founder and CEO at Virusdie.


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