The all-new is already available!

All-new 2016 is already available!


The all-new is available right now! It was a lond way to built really ultimate tools to your website security, but we think we did it the best way! The new Virusdie is amazing, it’s just gorgeous! All-new interface, a lot of tiny amazing features, awesome performance. We’ve upgraded all tools and add some new.

Yeah Baby! Public beta is available and Free!

Virusdie Publi Beta is available and free!

Hi! Now Public Beta is available and free till Jan. 2016. So, we are really interested in your feedback to make Virusdie better.

As you know (if not — read how Virusdie works) Virusdie is the anti-malware network for website built for everyone. We believe that everyone website owner and professional webmasters need professional and easy website cleaning and protection. (more…)