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Hey hey! Did you know that Virusdie detect vulnerabilities on your website, across all your site’ components, themes and plugins, by some kind of patterns in a stack of specific files? And there was our big mistake we missed that there is a way to jump at very file (by which vulnerability been detected). And you been able to view the highlighted code fragment over that file. And that is not the very vulnerability, just the pattern detected by Virusdie engine. And we found lot of our customer were confused by that highlighted code fragments and tried to crop some fragments from file, instead of a click on a FIX VULNERABILITY button next to vulnerability name and get recommended actions to take or enable the one-click virtual patch. All these bad scenario leads to a site crash (of course there is an alert if you try to save file changes over Virusdie file editor), ‘cos lot of our customers just ignore alerts 🙁

So we made some UX/UI changes to protect you against site crash, caused by incorrect manual code fragment removal.

There is no way to jump to file editor from vulnerability report anymore 🙂

No action button to jump to file editor from vulnerability report

So what we did? It is simple. We’ve just removed the action button from vulnerability report and from website audit report, that lead to file editor 🙂 So there is no such option anymore and we found that helps a lot! No more incidental site crashes (almost :))

The thing is there is a file path below the vulnerability name at report, please note that that is not a vulnerable file and you do not need to remove that file! That file path is just some kind of a hint to you and for our investigate department as well, to be sure if there is a real vulnerability or vulnerability been detected by file from archive or a backup on your site/server.

The new BASE indicator on landing, that show the number of rules, added in past 30 days

The new base indicator that show the number of antivirus rules added

Did you know there is a huge (core) thing, that helps Virusdie detect malware and vulnerabilities, clean them up accurately, and protect your website against online attacks as well? Called BASE.

So we’ve just added the indicator right on landing page to help you catch the efficiency of BASE grow 🙂 More that, soon we’ll add other cool indicators and stats that helps you predict further attacks on your site and catch the real risk your site can be hacked in next 7 days or eg. We call that – the Attack forecast indicator. COMING SOON!

I believe this update helps you keep your calm 🙂

Ilia Malyshev,
Founder and CEO at Virusdie.

Upcoming updates

– The new stable scanners plus the Virusdie core engine to scale the project faster and release new features;
– The new optimised process (internal);
– The new automated marketing system (internal);


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