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Virusdie plus Cloudflare, wordfence and Imunify360 sync problem resolving

Dear customers. Several weeks ago we found that the sync problems with Virusdie becomes massive. So that was the wave of blocks from many service providers like CLoudFlare, etc. To solve that issue and help you resolve your Virusdie’ sync problems, we made some changes and upgrades:

The new alert system

We announcing the new alert system today. That system is a part of our sync error notification system and that helps you catch and fix sync problems quickly, if the sync problem caused by a set of alternative protection systems.

Now, when Virusdie can’t connect to your website and if Virusdie understand that the sync problem caused by any bot protection system, it try to recognise which very bot protection system the sync problem caused by. And then show you red alert plus send the email notification to you, with details about recommended actions to take.

For today, Virusdie recognises follow bot protection systems:
– CloudFlare;
– WordFence;
– Imunify360 webshield.

Other activities to make sync more stable

We are in contact with alternative security service providers to whitelist Virusdie nodes by default, as well.

Hope, you found this update helpful 🙂

Ilia Malyshev,
Founder and CEO at Virusdie.


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