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Why the small website security market volume is a problem in a Big Way?

Guys! Just finished the new market research to be sure we’re on the right way along our strategy. And we want to highlight some insights and lot of data and thoughts with you, with this Video episode.

Yes, that is the problem in a Big Way, that website security market is so small! That is not the very problem with money, but that is a core problem with the entire industry and its quality and UX due that’s small volume 🙁

So we’ll share our thoughts with you why we think so and how we’re going to change that with you! 🙂

Here is the 5th episode

Learn more about why the Baby size of site security market today is the biggest problem for everyone, and what we may do with that together right now! By Ilia Malyshev – Founder and CEO at Virusdie! Watch Episode #5 on YouTube

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The next one episode is coming.

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Ilia Malyshev,
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