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Virusdie API for integration

Please welcome, the Virusdie API for “big boy” integration. Now stable, and officially available! And starting at $0.00 with a Freemium plan! So, if you’re a hosting provider, domain name registrar, software developer, or web service provider, you can make significantly more money by offering website security services to your customers using Virusdie’s cloud platform. Simply use our API to integrate Virusdie into your environment.

Join 100+ savvy hosting providers, domain name registrars, and service providers who are already with Virusdie API. Integrate Virusdie into your service however you like, and start earning!

Freedom to integrate

Why is Virusdie’s cloud solution better than standalone security software? It’s simple! You can sell security services even to customers whose sites you can’t access through your own infrastructure, such as customers who buy a domain from you while using a different hosting provider. This also eliminates the need for you to support multiple server-side software instances, since you’re working with a single cloud solution.

The ways you can integrate Virusdie into your environment are almost limitless: with or without the Virusdie user interface, with or without custom feature sets and pricing for your customers, and with billing from your side or billing from Virusdie. Freemium or premium pricing — with the Virusdie API, the choice is yours.

Freemium or premium

Let your clients scan their sites for free, and then upgrade to a paid plan to clean and protect their sites. Or, choose which Virusdie features will be available only to paying customers.

With or without a GUI

You can let your customers use Virusdie’s graphical interface (even on your own domain and with your own branding), or you can create your own user interface.

Billing from your side or from Virusdie

You can integrate Virusdie into your billing system and collect payments from your customers on your own. Or, you can use Virusdie’s billing service.

To Whom?

Virusdie API is not the solution for everyone. We provide that for “big-boy” integrations with 10,000+ websites or domain names only.


You can integrate Virusdie into your billing system and collect payments from your customers on your own. Or, you can use Virusdie’s billing service.

How to get started?

Contact our sales department first by email partners@virusdie.com to verify your company details and check if we can provide API for you. Then, we’ll find out how Virusdie can help you protect your clients and make more money. Then, we’ll find the integration model that suits you best. Then, we’ll share the test API key with you to let you check how that works. Then, we’ll sign the contract and you can start your integration. You’ll get your personal manager as well to save your time and use best practices for integration and marketing activities, for the best launch.

Learn more about API: Virusdie API for integration.

API documentation: Get complete API documentation.

API white paper: Download PDF.

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