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Virusdie upgrade 161 for the new Virsudie generation 5 beta

HO-HO, me hearties! Here is the weekly bugfix pack for the new Virusdie generation 5 beta. That is all about billing, website audit summary reports and patch management.

BUG fix

Billing. That was a typo in new billing section: websites vs website – FIXED;

Virtual Patch Management. Website security audit report and patch manager report shows the different number of vulnerabilities. That is due to the fact that we detect vulnerabilities by a pattern, based on file content and types. Some vulnerabilities cound be detected by a set of specific files. So we count the number of files and their details, and just then convert this knowledge into vulnerability terms. And that was the point of incorrect data transmission between backend and frontend. Now fixed! And Virusdie shows you and count the number of vulnerabilities. – FIXED;

Free scan. If the quote of free scan has been exhausted and you try to start the scan, that was the interface bug that shows website scan status as No threats. Even there is no any new scan report. – FIXED.

Upcoming updates

– We are going to release the basic Tools PRO (Agency account, formerly) feature for the new generation of Virusdie BETA! We mean the tab MY AGENCY on left menu on your dashboard.

* all these available for new pre-beta Virusdie only! 🙂

Try Virusdie generation 5 pre-beta now

How to try Virusdie generation 5 pre-beta? It is simple — just click on big yellow button “TRY BETA” on top of your Virusdie dashboard! 🙂


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