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Virusdie ambassador program

Yes, exactly! You may earn 10% of profit we get on sales with partners that you help to sign up the contract. That is how Ambassador Program works. All you need – your personal contacts!

How Ambassador Program works?

– You sign the contract with Virusdie and become Virusdie ambassador.
– You help us connect with your personal or professional network or your friends who are interested in API integrations or WHMCS add-on to help their clients and earn fair dollar.
– You help us sign up a contract with them.
– You get 10% of profit we get from that. Forever! As long as each very contract works.

What’s more?

– Monthly payouts;
– Activity tracking.

Learn more about this awesome opportunity and join our crew to help million of people take care of their website security, and help you earn fair dollar as a passive income! Virusdie Ambassador Program! 🙂


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