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The new Virusdie support system is going to be shown in 3 months

Hey dear customers! We believe that customer support is about 50% of our business. And now we feel that is time to improved that service. We’ll build the completely new support system to help your spend much less time on it and solve your comprehensive issues way fast!

The new support system will contain:
1. The new user interface for the new Virusdie support system.
2. Automatic smart chat-bot that understand all popular type of requests and can reply instantly in a robust way.
3. The automatic chat-bot will also help you instantly get some docs from Virusdie you may need.
4. The new advanced team of support managers;
5. Transparent activities behind (you’ll catch easily what now is going on with your ticket system);
6*. Probably, we’ll release the mobile app as well.


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