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Switching to the new Virusdie user interface generation 5

Dear friends! We’re so excited to announce today that we’re now switching Virusdie to the new user interface and the new platform by default. Why? That is simple – the new generation of Virusdie platform and the user interface help use roll out new features you have been awaiting for years! The process of initial rollout may take 3 days (72 HRS). After that, the new user interface will be available by default. And some sections of the old UI – just as a secondary user interface.

What’ll be available on a new user interface right now after rollout process:

1. The new dashboard. Scans and scheduled scans. Group operation. Filtering…
2. All tabs with tools and statistics;
3. The list of email/repots setup;
4. MyAccount settings;
5. Billing;

1. Support;
2. Agency account settings;

After the initial roll out process we’ll move fast to QA, fix bugs, add new features and update the new user in an accordance with roadmap.


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