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How real patch manager can fix website vulnerabilities automatically

Update vulnerable plug-ins and other site components in seconds, minimizing the risk of future problems. The magic of vulnerability detection built in with website antivirus engine on a separate tab on your Virusdie dashboard!

Virusdie vulnerability patch manageger

Virusdie detects not only viruses, but also website vulnerabilities.
An automatic vulnerability manager is available for certain types, while other vulnerabilities will require action on your part to fix them. Full descriptions of each vulnerability include all the details you need and recommended actions to take.

Save 3+ hours on each vulnerability detected.
You'll save days that you would otherwise spend dealing with infections made possible by unpatched vulnerabilities.

One-click vulnerability fix
10000 framework and plugins supported

100+ frameworks, 1000+ plug-ins, 10,000+ vulnerabilities.
Works with popular CMSs like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, DLE, PrestaShop and others. Thousands of vulnerable plug-ins and components are covered. One-click detection and patching for thousands of known and zero-day vulnerabilities!

To protect your websites even against vulnerabilities Virusdie can't patch automatically by real patch management, Virusdie uses website hardening (Virtual patch management) engine as well! Virusdie virtual patching runs Virusdie website firewall to mitigate attacks by blocking specific requests (online attacks) on vulnerabilities those are still on your website. Learn more about Virtual Patching.

Virtual vulnerability patching
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