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Virtual patch management (website hardening)

How virtual patch manager can protect your website against attacks on weak spots (vulnerabilities) those are still on your website.

Block harmful online requests (attacks) to your website vulnerabilities, minimizing the risk of future problems. The magic of virtual vulnerability patching built in with website patch manager on a same tab on your Virusdie dashboard, and runs Virusdie website firewall engine for virtual patching!

How vulnerability Virtual patch management works?
Virusdie uses not real patcing, but virtual patch management. Vulnerability virtual patching (website hardening) helps your protect your website against hacks via website weak spots even your website still vulnerable (in terms of source code). And it runs Virusdie website firewall for that.

Can you trust virtual patch management?
Anyway, any virtual patching is not a 100% warranty to protect your website against vulnerabilities. So we recommend you navigate to Patch Manager section on your Virusdie dashboard and check the vulnerabilities view to eliminate them with real patch. An automatic vurtual vulnerability patch manager is available for certain types, while other vulnerabilities will require action on your part to fix them. Just follow full descriptions of each vulnerability include all the details you need and recommended actions to take.

How to enable / disable?
Virusue virtual patch management is always on by default when you turn on the Virusdie website firewall. Also, you can disable virtual patch management by using special toggle available on website Settings section tab on your Virusdie dashboard, for each very website you need to disable it.

To ensure the best website security, and use Virtual pathgin you need to enable the website firewall built right into our service. It protects your website from threats and attacks in real time. Learn more about the website firewall's performance and features.

Website Firewall
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