What is an Agency account?

Send branded per-site email reports and PDF-reports to your clients automatically

Generate some extra income for yourself and some peace of mind for your clients by keeping their sites free of malware.
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An Agency accountis only available with certain Virusdie plans. It gives you the ability to brand reports as your own. With it, you and your team can work comfortably, provide comprehensive website security services to clients under your own name, and earn a few bucks doing it :) What does an Agency account include? All reports, icluding PDF-reports for your clients will be sent under your own name, using a template with your own branding and with mention of Virusdie as well. More that, you'll be able automatically send scan, cleanup plus monthly reports to you customers by email and save your time.

Branded scan and cleanup reports for your clients. Plus branded Monthly summary PDF-reports with your Logo.

A comprehensive monthly report is sent on the first day of each month, containing a separate, detailed report for each site. If your paid plan includes the Agency account option, you can have these reports sent to your customers automatically. Learn more

Recommended pricing

Once you understand how you can simply combine your own "dirty work" with Virusdie to start offering customers complex website security services under your own name and at your own prices, we recommend offering services at rates that will ensure they remain in demand. To offer your customers complex website security services, you'll certainly want to have an Agency account. This way, you can save time creating monthly reports for your customers, so you can work more efficiently. So, here are our recommended price ranges:

$35 – $75 per month, per site, if your customers pay on a monthly basis; or $350 – $750 per year, per site, if your customers pay on a yearly basis (this way, your customers get a discount on your services if they pay for a full year). What we recommend including in your security service package for your customers:

- Removal of viruses from customers' sites (including removal of viruses from already compromised sites);
- Vulnerability patching for your customers' sites, as well as plugin and CMS updates;
- Professional technical support;
- Daily site scans for viruses and vulnerabilities;
- Always-on website firewall protection;
- Removal of websites from blacklists;

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What does a Branded Agency account include?

The Branded Agency account is available only with Virusdie's top plan. In addition to the normal Agency account, it includes:

How do I get an Agency account or Branded Agency account?

An Agency account is available on the 25-site and unlimited plans. To use an Agency account, simply choose one of these plans in the Billing section of menu to the left of your Virusdie dashboard, or click "Share per-site reports with your customer" for any site in your list (or in the settings for the desired site) and follow the simple instructions shown.

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