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Work in a team and provide site security under your brand.

When you need a way to provide complete site security to your clients under your brand, Virusdie has you covered. Use our All-in-One tools to provide complete service to your clients by your own: provide L1/L2 tech support, personal dashboards, website protection, malware removal, monthly reports and complex security issues investigateion. Just fill out your contacts in profile and upload your logo.
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Start virusdie agency button

Press the “Start Agency” button on top of your Virusdie's dashboard to start

After you press the button you'll need to fill up your data: agency or persona email address, agency or personal phone (optional), agency address (optional) and upload your logo. Then the agency functions will be available to you:

Dashboards for your clients

You can invite your clients to see their sites in simple dashboards. They can see here the summary statistics and reports according to their sites in a simple form. All dashboards are branded with your logo and contacts. To share some sites to your client just use Share site to client option in site settings in your panel or use section Clients in left menu in dashboard.

Well, these are not your powerful dashboard with all tools, but simplified dashboards for your clients with just one tool — the online chat with you.

Virusdie simplified dashboards for clients
Chat with clients in Virusdie

Chat for your clients

Your clients can chat with you along their site's security issues by clicking a Help Chat link in their dahsboards. So, you may easily provide them L1/L2 technical support by your own and investigate their issues and fix their sites if you need it along your Virusdie plan.

Manage all issues from your clients in Issues section in your dashboard. Provide instant chat responce to your clinets.

Branded WAF lock page

Each time Virusdie firewall (WAF) block any request to your site from a bot or a suspicious visitor, it responds with a standard Virusdie WAF lock page.

The page contains the description of the reason of request blocking. Now the standard desription will be riched with your agency contacts and logo. Visitors will know that you are a security provider for that site.

Branded Virusdie WAF lock page
Virusdie branded reports

Branded reports for your clients

All your clients now can view, download and get on their email monthly reports about their websites automatically. At the same time, they always can vire last 30 day summary reports in their dashboards and see their site statuses in real time. Summary reports contains all main data on daily and monthly basis like: firewall, blacklist and antivirus statistics.

Also, you can share any technical report (site scan report or a site clenaup report) to your clients by email right from your main dashboard.

Work with your team (Soon)

  • Just open your Agency section in left menu and put your team members emails to join your agency. Your team members will get an email invitations and will can work with all sites in your agency panel after confirmation.
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