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Bug fix pack 6 Virusdie

Day by day we improve Virusdie performance and stability to deliver more value to you. More sense of calm and control over the situation. Again, a pack of improvements and bug fixes been released. About Manage WP connection and more.

There were some issues with a firewall past weeks and now, due to we have a new platform for a website firewall, we can easily fix it and add new algorythms easily.

Manage WP connection issues – FIXED. No more issues to connect Manage WP with your websites under Virusdie firewall protection. We’ve made a pack of centralized rules to whitelist Manage WP connections by default.

False incident firewall alerts – IMPROVED. An additional pack to ignore legal URLs requests and your own website legal activity been added to the website firewall by default. Now you can breath freely 🙂

That was a problem past weeks to send you sync problems alerts about your website. We’ve found the core of the issue now.

Website sync problems email alerts – FIXED
Now each time your website can’t get access to Virusdie to run the scan or update securtiy software, we’ll send you an email alert about that. Immediately!

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