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Did you know Virusdie firewall been made run nicely with no any setup? There is an adaptive engine under the hood and it recognises the threat weights of each request to decide to block a request, block IP address or not. And it block IP addresses depending on the level of threat for seconds or minutes automatically. But, there are too many plugins for websites and for today, lot of them uses architecture or an approach that make multiple cross requests for any action on website. So that, Virusdie may recognise it as an attack and block you or your client. That was a problem that needed to be fixed.

And one of most loud discussions in a community for recent days is about that issue. Like that: "What’s the best way to manage VD firewall blocking backend users when it’s not necessary? I have clients that are getting blocked by the firewall when logging into their backend. The only solution is to whitelist their IP address, but I think this whole multi-step process of having them blocked, contacting me, getting whitelist, then getting back in is poor in my business end. Thoughts or opinions?"

Tthat issue was already in our update pipeline and now we announcing a test update leading to fix that problem. So far these are pretty gross changes to see if such an approach helps on a global scale. What now?

1. If your firewall disabled already more than a day – you can enable it and it’s core will be updated in-place within a second.

2. If your firewall enabled – you need to wait up to 24 hrs it updates automatically (in-place) on your website.

Then, you can test it and find how our changes fit you now. And if it’s better at least in part, we’ll do a deeper update using this approach. If there is no difference, we will choose a different path.

Feedback from you will be very helpful.
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