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A bugfix pack for Virusdie blacklist monitoring

Did you know we monitor more than 60+ blacklists? And recently we found some blacklist data providers are not fits good enough for Virusdie customers and for us as well. This is not due blacklist data providers’ not enough performace, but due to a complex factor, like: untransparent approach of malicious/harmful sites detection (for example, it looks like some lists in some cases, may refer to other lists and not have an own opinion; or some providers may marker sites as balcklisted just there is no Policy on website or eg.); untransparent de-blacklisting process, not so fast support. Lot of false positives on our opinion in terms of malware. And, at last, the lack of sense in monitoring these lists due to the fact that they do not affect anything in the life of customer sites. So, from today we will no longer annoy you with the data from the following blacklist providers: Clean MX, CRDF and Valkyrie (by Comodo).

Participants Database | A WordPress plugin vulnerability
Recently WordPress plugin vulnerabilities were found on Participants Database plugin (versions and older) with more than 10,000 website installations and GDPR Cookie Consent plugin (versions 1.8.3 and older) with about 700,000 website installations. The vulnerabilities allows to gain unauthorized access to the data and application. Learn more: WP.ParticipantsDatabase.CVE, WP.GDPRCookieConsent.CVE.

Profile Builder and Profile Builder Pro | A WordPress plugin vulnerability
High risk vulnerability been found on Profile Builder and Profile Builder Pro for WordPress with more than 50,000 active installations. Affected versions 3.1.1 and older allows attacker to gain administrative access to the website. It exists due to an error in the plugin’s own registration and profile edit forms. Lear more: WP.ProfileBuilder.CVE

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