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Sharing malware scan & removal reports

Hello frineds!
Today we present to you the three Virusdie’s SaaS updates.

1. Sharing malware scan and removal reports to any Email you want

Sharing malware scan & removal reports

It’s a cool and helpful feature. It helps you share any scan report to any Email right from the Report. By clicking share icon on top. So, you can use it to send any report to your customers!

2. Sending Email invitation to Virusdie

Virusdie Affilate program Email invitation

Just click Send Email Invitation in your Billing section on service and enter your friend’s Email address! According to Virusdie Affilate Program invited user will receive a message with invitation to sign up. That invitation will contain your referral link.

Detailed file info

Virusdie detailed file info | File Editor

Now you can view a detailed file info in INFO section in a Built-in File editor. Detailed file info shows all file’s data you need (file path, size, date of last modification, etc.) including last scan or malware removal report summary.

Enjoy new features!
We are working to you,
Virusdie Team.