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All-new Virusdie.com 2016 is already available!


The all-new Virusdie.com is available right now! It was a lond way to built really ultimate tools to your website security, but we think we did it the best way! The new Virusdie is amazing, it’s just gorgeous! All-new interface, a lot of tiny amazing features, awesome performance. We’ve upgraded all tools and add some new.


  • Website Antivirus
    Now all scenarios based on you well-know files not threats. You can turn on/off automatic clean up and set automatic scan period right from your site list – it’s very comfortable! Now you can Clean automatically and Edit or Delete each infected file separately to others right from malware scan report. And right from file manager!
  • Website Firewall
    WAF is now more accurate and you always can see it’s short statistics right in your site list.
  • File manager
    Collective file operations it what you waiting for! Now this feature is available. Check files you need in left side and operate in one click! And now all folders in file manager have an icons left – this small featire improves your UX.
  • File editor
    Now it’s all-new file editor with more accurate and comfortable malicious code highlighting. All threats now at the left side of editor in a separate column.

New tools and features:

  • Regular expressions & text search
    Now magic search is available in Virusdie. You can find any file content on your websites by a simple text request or by a regular expression. And collective operations is available right from search results! It’s amazing! It’s very cool if you need to find some code in your files manually.
  • Sites filtering
    Now you can filter your websites in site list according to some features: by infections, by sync errors, by blacklisted and by site name.
  • New UI & UX
    We’ve tried to save interface you know, but improve it for better UX. So, now we have new colors, awesome animation and very comfortable and easy scenarios!

Enjoy new Virusdie!
Virusdie Team.