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169 virusdie weekly upgrade

Hey everyone!
This is the 169th weekly Virusdie update. Weekly updates have their one goal – to make Virusdie better week-by-week. So you can get more calm and feel cool using the service 🙂 This very update is about website patch management UX, file manager and user experience in a big way.

Bug fix pack for this week

File editor and file manager | That was incorrect UI behaviour when you try to remove the file from file editor. That merged with a scan report as well. For example, if you try to remove the file from the scan report – nothing happened from the first glance. However, if you refresh the page – there’ll no file content there, but files are on report. Now we remove files from last report if you remove files over the file editor or a file manager. – FIXED.

Patch manager | Incorrect headers at the patch manager report history – FIXED;

Dashboard UI | We forget the link WRONG on website block, if nothing found. That should lead to a hint what’s next then – FIXED;

Mobile UI view | The payment button slides below the most of mobile devices screens. So it is hard to click on it; – FIXED;

Mobile UI view | The website removal (from list) button hides on mobile devices; – FIXED;

Mobile UI view | The Virusdie’ logo should be white when you run the dark mode, but the logo is black; – FIXED;

Cleanup Report | There is no pointer to switch native way between current file and the backup view when you are at the cleanup report tab; – FIXED;

Dashboard UI | Incorrect website status like THE ALL IS FINE WITH YOUR WEBSITE, instead of CLEANUP BUTTON, when there is no malware, but vulnerability found – FIXED;

I believe this update helps you save some time 🙂

Ilia Malyshev,
Founder and CEO at Virusdie.

Upcoming updates

– the new support system;
– weekly bugfix packs;
– UI improvements.

* all these available for new pre-beta Virusdie only! 🙂

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