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Virusdie.Server v.2.3.1

The new version of popular server stand-alone antivirus Virusdie.Server v.2.3.1 just been released. Archive processing optimisation and bug fix are onboard.

Bug fix

  • Fixed command processing in file list scanning mode (`echo “:command…” | vdscan @ –echo`).
  • Fixed unnecessary re-allocations of large memory buffers when scanning archives.
  • Fixed the error when only one scanning thread was always used in file list scanning mode (@listfile) regardless of `–threads` flag.

Archives processing

  • Improved detection of TAR archives / compressed files (by extension).
  • Implemented scanning of single files containig RAW compressed data stream (“file.gz”, “file.bzip2”) (with `–unpack` flag). Unlike “file.tar.gz” or “file.txz”, such files are not TAR archives.

Other changes

  • New cleanup result status in the output/dump logs: `ND` (`3` in JSON) – the file was not deleted in accordance with the `-d` flag (printed when the file should be deleted, but there are `-r -d` flags passed).
  • Rewritten the “send suspicious files for analysis” feature (`–sendfile`). Now the new base.virusdie.com API used. Config option `sendFilesHost` removed.
  • Compiler updated

Find out more details in Virusdie.Server’s complete history of changes.