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Virusdie.Server v.2.4.0.

The new version of popular server stand-alone antivirus Virusdie.Server v.2.4.0 just been released. Built-in automatic version update system, more options for automatization and bug fixes are onboard..

New features

  • Implemented the built-in updater (–install version|channel[/os-arch][::target] switch). Now you can easily install any version for any platform at any time.
  • Implemented ZIP files support. From now ZIP archives will be unpacked with –unpack (-z) switch (by .zip extension).
  • The new –lsdump and –undump command line switches: List/restore files from dump (report) file previously created with –dump. It is possible to set the custom target folder: –undump report.tar.gz::/tmp.
  • The new –maxblob command line switch: Limit the size of malicious code fragment shown in JSON scan logs, works with –json, -j
  • Added new fields into JSON scan logs: Offset and length of the detected malware in the source file
  • Added new fields into scan summary statistics (JSON): .bytes, .bytesPerSec, .filesPerSec (see –dump, –summary)
  • The new –summary command line switch: Print summary statistics after scan (format depends on –json, -j)
  • The new –keyinfo command line switch: Get/view the API key metadata from update server (format depends on –json, -j)
  • The new –jsonbase64 command line switch: Enable base64-encoded file paths in JSON logs. Earlier it could be done only by changing the jsonBase64 config option.
  • Now it is possible to set an RFC3339 time stamp for the –maxage switch as a minimum file modification date instead of file “age”. See documentation for more.
  • Added -w (workers) switch as short alias for –threads
  • Now it is possible to scan the standard input (STDIN) by passing – as file names (curl … | vdscan -)
  • Command line parser is now allows to clear boolean switches (reset to false) by appending – to switch name: -j- -az- –nobin- – turn off previously enabled switches -j, -a, -z and –nobin. It allows to re-set default options specified in config file / shell alias.
  • Known file types (which are scanned by default without –allfiles switch) are not affected by –nobin switch. They will always be scanned, regardless of –nobin switch.
  • Now it is possible to add or remove the scanner threads at runtime by :threads [+-N] command when scanning by list. It allows to control the CPU load / scan speed on the fly.
  • The –json (-j) switch is now also sets the output format of –update, –sendfile, –version (-vv), –summary, –keyinfo commands on success

Bug fixes

  • Fixed: crash on empty file name passed in command line (vscan “”)
  • Fixed: the archive files listed in the list of exclusions (–exclude, -x) were still scanned with the –unpack (-z) switch
  • Fixed: always exclude the temporary dump directory from scan. For example, the directory “./dump” will never be scanned by command vdscan . –dump ./dump.
  • Fixed: from now the extensions of single compressed files (e.g. gz) are not taken into account when determining which analysis rules to apply to the unpacked file
  • Fixed: when running the scanner using a symbolic link, the path to the executable file could be determined incorrectly on some systems
  • Unexistent files and folders passed in command line will be silently ignored without stopping the scanning process

Find out more details in Virusdie.Server’s complete history of changes.