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Bugfix pack for Virusdie saas

The recurrent bugfix pack for saas is here. We know that you are awaiting for SaaS new features, updates and SaaS bug fixes. These days, when all countries are getting out of COVID’ lockdown smoothly, Virusdie team getting back to recurrent weekly sprint system. Yep, more than 80% of our pirate crew members back from remote and now works from our offices, again! 🙂


1. File editor.
– A wrapper bug when file editor bottom navigation line may cover file content or threat name, for screen wide 1366px and less now fixed.

2. Monthly summary per-site PDF-reports.
– The problem when lot of equal files detected over the past month (due to automatic cleanup is off, or eg.) are presents on monthly per-site reports. Now we hide same files and show each file just one time for the report.

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