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Virusdie customer success story by Ivan Arnaudov

With success stories, you can make Virusdie customers’ experiences your own. And here is the story of Ivan Arnaudov.

I’ve been using Virusdie for some 15 months now (since September 2019) and can confidently recommend it as a great tool to improve and maintain website security. Unlike many other antivirus/malware solutions that are WordPress-specific, Virusdie is platform-agnostic and can monitor/diagnose/cleanup many PHP-based CMSes. The WAF is, likewise, capable of protecting many popular self-hosted platforms (a detailed list can be found on the manufacturer’s website here: https://virusdie.com/faq/firewall)

Virusdie is also very easy to deploy. Deployment consists of two stages:
1. Copy a single php file that is unique to every user’s account to the root folder of a host.
2. Add said vhost to Virusdie dashboard.

Webmasters who want to save themselves some time can even fully automate the first step by including the php file in the skeleton configuration that gets deployed for a new vhost. For less technically inclined users, there is already a Cpanel/WHCMS plugin, and I believe a WordPress plugin will be coming soon, as well. What I like is that the developers keep a brisk cycle and regularly add improvements that are aimed at making it easier to work with the product.

As for the virus/malware detection algorithms, I am not really in a position to compare against other solutions but I think that with a reasonable amount of precaution (download themes and plugins from official repositories, no use of ‘nulled’ software), regular patching (Virusdie will nag you, for example, when important WP plugins are out of date and vulnerable…) and a good WAF it is highly unlikely a website will ever get infected.

I’ve cleaned up several websites that got compromised via out of date version of Elementor, and the process was quick and easy. Whenever I needed help from support, it was right there in the VD dashboard (no need to go register to a separate helpdesk website…). Speaking of support, there is a well-frequented Virusdie Facebook group where one can get regular updates on threats and new features, or look for help as well (even though contacting support directly via the VD dashboard should be the right thing to do).

Ultimately, I agree with the developers that Virusdie is both very friendly, and professional-grade, and I strongly recommend it.
Ivan Arnaudov. (Original review posted by Ivan: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/virusdie-2)

P.S. And we just may add a couple of tiny details to Ivan’ solid experience. Ivan mentioned that Virusdie supports many CMS, and the same time, that is about website firewall feature. Virusdie antivirus and other tools are compatible with websites those even have no any CMS. And about malware removal… Ivan is very skilled person and keeps his websites clean of malware from scratch, so that is why he faced with vulnerability alerts only. And the same time, Virusdie’ main feature, historically, – is a website antivirus https://virusdie.com/faq/antivirus/ that detects and remove with a high accuracy as many threats amd malwares as possible. And your website runs stably after automatic cleanup.
Elijah, Co-founder and CEO at Virusdie.

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