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2020 X-mas bug fix

X-mas bug fix pack for Virusdie.Cloud features with those you interact lot of time. And even tiny problems with that annoying you and may cause a depression 🙂 Scheduling scanning, PDR-reports, email-reports, security scoring and more.


1. Scheduled scans. For previusly downgraded account (if a subscription expired) that was a bug. That was impossible to run atomatic scheduling scanning after subscription renewal – FIXED;

2. 0-score summary reports. Weekly and monthly email and PDF-reports may contain 0-scores and place you on TOP of security expert agencies at the same time – FIXED;

3. Sync problem alerts. Sync errors could be caused by some issues on your web-server and that annoying you, cos next time scan runs well. So now Virusdie tries to start the scan not once, but 3-times before sending you an email with a sync error – FIXED;

4. Cleanup report sorting. There were some cases when incurable/not cleaned files are not on top of cleanup reports – FIXED;

5. Other X-things. Other X-mas improvements and X-mas backend updates.

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