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Virusdie website scan and audit report sharing and PDF

This is the end of the week so, we’re announcing the new update for Virusdie ecosystem. That is about website audit reports: about how you can get a PDF report instead of repot view on your Virusdie dashboard. And about how you can share any website audit report with everyone who have a Email 🙂

New features

Download report as PDF Now you can download your website audit report as PDF right from your report viewer on your Virusdie dashboard. That is important when you need to print report or you need to use a PDF due to some reasons and needs.
download Virusdie report as PDF

Report sharing Now you can share website audit report with everyone by email. In one click – right from the report viewer on your Virusdie dashboard. Just click on share button on the right side of viewer, enter the email and choose language! That saves ton of your time if you want to share report with your clients.
Share Virusdie report by email

PS We’ll add branding and report customisation with the Agency account pack update soon (for the new user interface, of course).

Per-file cleanup Now you can cleanup each file separately on the new user interface. Right from the scan report on your dashboard.

Cleaned files recovery. Now for the new user interface you can restore cleaned files on one click. Use the report tab for that. Then, choose very report you want. Then, click on RESTORE icon to recover the file you need.

Upcoming updates and bug fixes for 2022 Virusdie Beta

– per-row cleanup for website database scan report;
– per-row recovery for website database cleanup report;
– backup view for cleaned files;
– backup view for cleaned database rows;
– Email/alerts management tab update;
– Billing update;
– More new reports and emails (new report templates, new types of alerts and info mails);
– The new user interface QA and massive bug fixes. Plus scenario optimisation.
– Settings update (one-click settings share to all your websites);
– The new billing (specified payment methods for Brazil, more cards and methods for international market);

* all these available for new pre-beta Virusdie 2022 only! 🙂

Try Virusdie 2022 pre-beta now

How to try Virusdie 2022 pre-beta? It is simple — just click on big yellow button “TRY BETA” on top of your Virusdie dashboard! 🙂


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